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STA - Player Reference Sheets

My group just started up again after my Paternity Leave and it’s embarrassing how much we forgot. So I decided to try and make some reference sheets.

It’s been a struggle to get everyone to understand their role in each bridge station so I made the sheets specific to each station in our game. The players have loved them so I thought I’d share them with everyone in case they could help. You can download them all here in PDF format.

I hope you like them! (And I hope I didn’t make any huge errors)

Personal%20combat%20preview Command%20preview CONN%20preview Sensors%20preview Internal%20Systems%20preview Tactical%20preview Communications%20preview


They look great. Nice job really like them.

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MarkGardner, thank you very much for having taken the time and effort with these - anything that helps to move ModiphiusTrek along a bit quicker, with reference sheets straight at hand, is most welcome. Also, nice design work - comes across as very clear and readable.

My only point is that the Personal Combat Tasks sheet - last in the list - does not seem to be coming through; just an ongoing revolving task wheel and a blank background. Is this due to a mess-up on my end or what?

In any case, wonderful to see the resident population making contributions - would that I had the same capacity here - and hoping this continues on with you and others. Thanks again.

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Glad you like them! I just checked the link and tried to download the Personal Combat sheet myself and it seems to be working for me. If you still have trouble with it let me know and maybe I can find another way to get you a copy.

MarkG, thank you for investigating this. I tried it again and got the same result. If you can print the thing out, laminate it and send it UPS (I’ll provide the address), I’d be most grateful and will sing your praises to the heavens above…

Oh. I can tell by the narrowed eyes that you’re not a fan of this option. Well, not really sure what might be the best alternative in this situation - usually PDF does end up coming through fairly quickly. Possible to alter it to Word or the like? Only other choice that come to mind is re-saving it as PDF and hopefully it clears up; what would be a serious test case is if anyone else has had comparable difficulties.

Anyways, have managed to pick up the other six without difficulty. Hoping this can get cleared up, and all thanks again.

I especially like the “personalization” of these compared to the reference sheets in the GM screen. If you’re feeling bored sometime, a printer-friendlier version would be nice - but be sure to take your victory lap first.

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Tried it again, just for the “Oh well, let’s see if the essential fabric of the universe has altered since I last gave this a shot…” and it worked! MarkG, one more time, all thanks for the effort put into this, and once again it’s proof that an RPG’s success is a two-way street. RPGs from AD&D first edition through to Star Trek Adventures continue to flourish because the fans give just as much of a damn about how the games work as the Devs do. Really hoping to get these printed up and laminated (I wasn’t kidding about that), and putting them to work in our ongoing TOS campaign. All best.:smiley:


You know I thought about making a printer-friendly version, and then I really dug how the dark looked so I forgot about it. I might try to go back and modify them again some time to make it easier on ink. I want to finish some other player aids first though.

Great! I’m glad it worked out. And definitely laminate them if you can. It makes it so much easier. Hope they work well for you.

Sounds good. Any spoilers on “some other player aids?”

I also made a sheet to help keep track of breaches and effects. This one is just for a scale 4 ship like our Constellation-class USS Mazu, but I think there’s potential there. Might make different versions for different scales and post them if other people think they’d be helpful.


Nice and thank you.

For me I would definitely like to see sheets for smaller scale ships.


Heck, I could use the Scale 4 sheet as-is for the U.S.S. Starship-to-be-Named-Later. (My players will be naming their own Intrepid-class ship once everyone is back in the same place in August.)

I’ll try to clean up that and get some versions posted. Might take me a bit since we’re live-streaming tomorrow night but I think it shouldn’t be too tough.


Take your time. You’re doing us a favor.


Okay everyone… I took a stab at making sheets to keep track of breaches during ship combat. There’s a sheet for ships from scale 2-7. They’ve helped me out. Hopefully they help you.
And yeah, they’re still not printer-friendly. I was hoping I could just do an color inversion but it’s not quite that simple. I’ll keep working on it when I can and hopefully make that happen before too long.
Let me know what you think.
You can download the high quality pdfs here.
STA%20-%20Scale%202%20System%20Breaches%20PREVIEW STA%20-%20Scale%203%20System%20Breaches%20PREVIEW STA%20-%20Scale%204%20System%20Breaches%20PREVIEW STA%20-%20Scale%205%20System%20Breaches%20PREVIEW STA%20-%20Scale%207%20System%20Breaches%20PREVIEW STA%20-%20Scale%206%20System%20Breaches%20PREVIEW


Literally as soon as I posted this I went back and tried an experiment and it worked. So I can make the printer-friendly versions fairly easily. Might be next week since our D&D stream is starting back up this weekend as well but I can make it happen.


Printer friendly versions of the reference sheets would be much appreciated.

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Printer Friendly versions of the Ship Breaches pages are up. The player combat sheets will take a little more tweaking so I’ll see how soon I can get them done


Not sure it was boredom but I updated the page with printer-friendly versions on the original sheets as well as the same for all the ship breaches.


Great stuff. The breaches trackers should speed things up quite a bit - anything that reduces the need to page through the book is a real benefit.

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