Character Sheet V4.0 WIP - Feedback Wanted

Hi all,

I have been updating my character sheets to incorporate new material from Sciences, and at the same time I am changing the aesthetic to be more in line with LCARS.

I’d be most appreciative if people here could comment, critique and make any suggestions/requests for things they would like to be included.

I am also interested if anyone makes use of my current sheet and whether they would like me to continue that aesthetic as well.

Character Sheet V4 WIP.pdf (319.5 KB)

Nicely done.
Personaly I’d have put the attacks below the talents block.

Thanks for the feedback.

What would your logic be for having it that way round?

I like them. I appreciate having the game stats for the weapons and talents, etc. printed on the sheet. It saves my poor aged brain from looking them up all the time…

Since ist Star Trek and in Star Trek fighting should always be the last attempt and skills always have a high priority…

Or to put it th other way: in the original sheets the weapons/attacks were at the bottom.

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