Character & Ship Sheets - Excel & Google Sheets

Hi All,

After a couple of years out from the community due to some high pressure life changes, I have the time and inclination to bring my character sheets fully up to date and possibly a redesign in the back end to be more efficient.

Before I start I’d like to ask the community if this is something that would be wanted or appreciated, I’m not sure of the custom character sheet scene nowadays, and to be honest, not too sure if people even used my character sheets before.

If it is wanted, I’d be happy to take any suggestions of any changes that would improve the sheets for people’s use.


Might want to provide a link so people can reference what you’re talking about.

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That is a very good point:

Character Sheet:

Ship Sheet:


My players have been running into problems with the official character sheets not having space for things like awards, and I’d been meaning to make a custom one, but this looks very much like the kind of thing I had in mind. I’ll run it past them and see what they think.

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Cool Beans.

I’ll be very interested in any feedback.

I also have done a sheet in google sheets…

Figured I’d share. Figured same thread makes it easier to find.

I’ll note one of the google fonts is close (but not too close) to the TOS titles…


I have made this, not finished but advanced

It’s a LibreOffice Writer document
Fonts used

Trek Arrowheads (Italic, 8 11)
Microgramma D Extendded Bold
Arial Black Italic, Bold 8, 10
Arial 6, 10
Trek Bats
Nova Light Ultra Ssi
Fonts here:

Spaceship Diagrams here

You can use any, just replace and set thé image behind, and adjust the three black boxes


A file for support characters and to track their upgrades (at the end also NPC)
Same fonts as above

STA file a bit updated (mostly torpedoes salvo and communications). With an Akira schematics and Size 5 damage
Nova Light Ultra Ssi font was forgotten in font list