TOS Movie character sheets

Does anyone have any TOS Movie character and or ship sheets? I have two that I have found here in the forum but they do not have equipment/weapons list I believe.
They were created by the game table review I think, there was also another Movie style character sheet listed but the link for it is bad or has been taken down.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jon W.

Maybe have a look right over here at the Star Trek Adventures Fandom Wiki.

I’ve got some I put together: I’ll try and clean them up and make the mavailable in the next couple of days!

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Thank you sir, I appreciate your kindness in helping.

Yeah, I have, the one from table top does not have the equipment or weapons list. and the one by Jeff Harvey is missing or the link is broken. I found his website and it is not on there either. That is why I put this out there to see if anyone has any others or more versions of the Movie style since that is the era I tend to use.

Sorry, I’ve been offline - 3 files for you: main character sheet, my home-brew support character sheet (with a checklist for character creation and improvement) and a ship sheet. None are form-enabled (I don’t have access to the software :frowning:).
5641 Personnel Record.pdf (339.1 KB)
5642 Support Personnel Record.pdf (385.0 KB)
8325 Starship Record.pdf (376.7 KB)

Note to the wiki people - feel free to nab these if you credit me and send me a link!

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Really good work!

Regarding form-fillable PDF: I have no idea which programme you used to create these awesome sheets, but at least the LibreOffice Office Suite (and I think this was before they forked off of so this should also apply to Apache OpenOffice) is able to create form-fillable PDF. It takes some effort to familiarise yourself with the workflow, but it’s possible.

In case you are working with Microsoft Office: I haven’t worked (as in: used beyond hammering text into pre-generated templates) with it for nearly decades now, but I am convinced that it should include this functionality, too.

Glad you like them!

I used Word 2010 - and it doesn’t have the capability to do forms in PDF. I don’t believe the latest editions do either. The best option is usually Acrobat, but that’s quite pricey. I usually edit the Word source document, then PDF the results…

I’d consider Libre, as I approve of the concept, but it’s got a worse UI than Word and no sign of improving it. I’m also not sure it would cope with the graphics I used for this, which were generated in Word itself.

Linked and Credited


Thank you sir, I appreciate your work.

I’m glad you like them! I might get some more done at some point :slight_smile: