Extended Chacrater and Starship sheets

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Cross-posting now that we have a Resources thread.

I have expanded the official TNG Character sheet into 2 pages, and am working on the other era sheets.
All background info has been moved to the second sheet and some more relevant info added to the top of the first sheet.
Feel free to share, and any advice/requests/criticism is welcome.
Note, these are all also fillable PDFs.

ENT Fillable 2 Page Character sheet 1.1
Initial draft
Added printer friendly version
ENT Character Sheet 1.1
ENT PF Character Sheet 1.1

TNG Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.2 UPDATE
Expanded Description for Talents
Space for Milestones and Reputation
TNG 2 page Character Sheet 1.2

TNG Black Background Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.2
Initial Release
UPDATE minor fixes
TNG Black 2 page Character Sheet 1.3

TNG Support Characters Sheet 1.2
Initial release - 2 new support characters per page - with creation references - not form fillable.
UPDATED second character moved down so you can fold the page in half cleanly.
UPDATE minor fixes
TNG 2 Support Characters Sheet

TOS Movie Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.1 Update
Fixed font colour
Added Printer Friendly version
TOS Movie Era Fillable 2 page Character Sheet 1.1
TOS Movie Era Printer Friendly Fillable 2 page Character Sheet 1.0

Trait Tracking Sheet
UPDATE switched Personal to Equipment
UPDATE - Sheet Split into Player and GM/Group sheets.
Player Trait Sheet 1.3
GM Trait Sheet 1.3

Expanded Ship Sheet
Expanded TOS Sheet
DS9/Cardassian Sheet

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Ha! I was just going to post this!

You’re welcome.

Looking forward to the DS9 variations :slight_smile:

And… Looking forward to a KDF (Klingon Defense Force) Variant Character Sheet… Particularly a Form-fillable version… Heh…

Form-fillable… in klingon? :slight_smile:

That would actually be pretty clever. But I’d settle for appropriately themed Character and Ship sheets.

Some years back now, when IDW was first doing their “Blood Will Tell” mini-series, I picked up several copies of the first book in tlhIngan Hol. It’s a pretty nifty keepsake.

Neither here nor there, but thinking of a Character Sheet translated into Klingon made me smile, and reminded me of the comics.

I mentioned in another forum post that I was planning on ‘adjusting’ the character sheets provided through STA for both the characters and ships… I decided to get off my backside and do it, and just finished the main character sheet edit. I consider it a small edit, but… others might not. LOL

Anyway, here it is for if anyone wants it, and also… please feel free to provide constructive criticism. I didn’t really add anything new, just moved and resized what was already there.


Will add the ship sheet once I get around to doing that one.

Looks like it should give you some more space that you were after. It bugs me that the right hand alignment isn’t consistent, but that’s cosmetic.

If I remember your comment on the other thread, one of the things you wanted was more space for talent info? Do you really need the other equipment section? It doesn’t carry statistics, and having your players explicitly state what they are taking is useful when you get to applying opportunity spends. Removing that would give you a lot more space to note down the details of the meatier talents (although I just print the descriptions on the back of my sheet).

Hmm… That is actually a good idea. I can correct the alignment issue by adjusting the stress boxes to three rows instead of two, lengthen the injury section back up closer to how it was (I had resized it), then remove all but 2 lines for equipment, and add more lines for Talents. Let me do that, and work on the ship sheet, and then I will post both here.

Hmmm? If someone wishes for Klingon sheet, then I wish a Romulan sheet, for characters and ships! :triumph::innocent:. :vulcan_salute:

Ok, removed the previous version of the sheet, and uploaded the new one with the same name… Hopefully it works right. LOL

Here is the ‘new’ Character sheet modification: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ckM5HQroZntoR34_lS2fOSvkKpmsAKHF

Here is the Ship sheet modification: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zLJLA_0ekBTU3R67SLyCSj5G0enE25E_

Couldn’t get the ship sheet to work right as a landscape without a lot more editing, and honestly… Why does it have to be landscape?

Again, critiques are welcome. Feel free to use them if you like them.

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As in the original Sheet I miss two important Sections:

  • Reputation
  • Medals (as there are Medals to earn since the Command Book)

I understand why you would like those sections, and even wish that they were included as well. However, my main goal for this modification was to provide my group with a starting character sheet that had more space for Talents and basic descriptions along with another weapon spot to allow them to have all 3 phaser types listed and unarmed, or 2 phaser types with unarmed and Nerve Pinch. (Or any combination of 4 weapons…)

I would suggest pairing my sheet (if you like the way it is) with the second sheet of the TNG 2-page sheet. It is linked above, and here:

I will most likely be printing that second page onto the back of mine, unless I feel like modifying the second sheet to better fit with mine. Actually, I probably will at some point remake the sheet and add a second ‘back’ sheet to it. But for now, this is what I put together.

As I post this, I would like to credit the people at Tabletop Review who created the 2-page sheet linked above. I made the 2nd page of my sheet based off of theirs. All I really did was rearrange a little and adjust the sizes. I also made the sheet form-fillable.


If you like it, great. If not, nobody is saying you have to use it? :stuck_out_tongue:

This combines my modified character sheet with a modified version of the second sheet provided by Tabletop Review, in a form-fillable PDF.

Just for the sake of even more options, here is the modified sheet I’ve been using which was based on the older sheets (the ones without the stats stretched into long rows). The main differences I have from the base back then are:

  • Tab order / alignment adjustments.
  • Stress boxes are checkable.
  • Form slots for inserting images in those big empty LCARs color blocks on the left of page 1 (some people like having a character image there).
  • Text regions on page 2 are single large areas of multi line resizing text rather then being broken up into individual lines (for people who want to squeeze in a small epic story or something).
  • Role from the old sheet is renamed Reputation since Role and Assignment were basically redundant.
  • UPDATE: After looking over some of the other recent sheets here, I ended up decreasing the size of the Equipment / Injuries sections (Star Trek usually isn’t know for a lot of either so I was able to expand the Talents across the width of the page without moving much else. It isn’t reflected in the sample picture though. :slight_smile:




Also, here is my modified version of the earlier Support character sheet that:

  • Is form fillable (to record those honored Support Crew that we reuse a lot).
  • Has a form field for inserting a character image into the purple spaces on the left.
  • Is slightly reformatted for alignment and such.
  • Replaces the Focus / Other sections with a more general Detail section to cover whatever upgrades they have received.
  • Has a quick summary of basic the basic Support character upgrading options.




Thank you !

I was looking for something like this for a while, where my players can insert a photo of their characters . Thanks