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Corey Belote-style Starship Sheets Resource

If you guys are looking for cool-looking starship sheets that look like they’re right out of the STA Corebook but want a particular class outline instead of the generic Galaxy-class, you’re in luck. A guy named Corey Belote took it upon himself to make a lot of these starship sheets for download at Continuing Mission. He’s made a bunch of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion, and even Ferengi starship sheets. Have a gander at Continuing Mission’s Corey Belote articles here. You’ll find a bunch of fillable PDFs for dozens of starships.

One word of warning, though: Corey designed his PDFs as linked multipage documents, so a filled entry or clicked text box will appear on all pages of the PDF. The way you fill out a starship sheet is to turn to the particular page of the starship class you want, type in the stats on that page. and then print only that page (without saving the PDF). I found this annoying, so I tried to contact Corey to see if he would be willing to make individual sheets for request. Unfortunately, I was never able to contact him, so I took it upon myself to separate Corey’s PDFs into single page documents and pre-stat every class with known stats for individual download.

I’m working with Mr.Gone to fix up a number of Corey’s sheets (there are a few resolution issues and missing form fields on some sheets). It’s slow work and will likely take several weeks for us to fix up most of Corey’s sheets. The good news is, I managed to get most of the Starfleet ships separated and individually statted and ready for download. I used stats already published in STA books where available, but for some classes like the Challenger and Cheyenne that haven’t been published officially yet, I used my own homemade stats. A few other classes remain unstatted. The available classes are as follows:

Akira, Ambassador, Antares (TOS), Archer, Centaur, Challenger (fan-statted by me), Cheyenne (fan-statted by me), Constellation, Constitution, Constitution (Refit), Curry-type (Frankenstein Fleet), Daedalus, Defiant, Entente (unstatted 3-nacelled Galaxy from “All Good Things…”), Excelsior, Excelsior Refit, Federation (TOS 3-nacelle battleship), Freedom (Single nacelle TNG era starship fan-statted by me), Galaxy, Hermes, Intrepid, Luna, Miranda, Miranda Variant (without the rollbar), Nebula, New Orleans, New Orleans Variant, Niagara (3 nacelle TNG era cruiser fan-statted by me), Norway, Nova, Oberth, Olympic, Prometheus, Ptolemy (TOS era tug ship), Saber, Saladin, Soyuz, Springfield (statted by me), Springfield Variant (version with missing secondary hull, also statted by me), Steamrunner, Delta-Ganges (United Earth), Intrepid Type (United Earth), NX (United Earth), Columbia (NX Refit United Earth), Yeager Type (Frankenstein Fleet)

You can find them all here for individual download. Feel free to peruse them all. More starship classes and types will become available in the weeks to come and I’ll post on this thread with updates. Watch this space.

Also, the ships that I fan-statted like the Challenger and Cheyenne will have their write-ups published at Continuing Mission in upcoming articles in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

One other thing: Mr. Gone and I are planning to make Belote-style starship sheets for my FASA starships as well, though again, that’s still a ways away. (Damn, now I need a third way to say “watch this space” and I can’t think of one.)

EDIT (10/2/21): Just added a new Federation shuttlecraft folder containing more than a dozen different classes of small craft PDFs. The link to the shuttlecraft folder is here and will be updated as needed.


I just got back the first set of Romulan Corey Belote-style PDFs from Mr. Gone and I pre-statted them. They’re ready for download here.

The classes available are: D’deridex, Romulan Science Vessel, Bird-of-Prey (22nd Century), Bird-of-Prey (23rd Century), V-11 Stormbird Mark I, and the Scimitar Reman Warbird from Star Trek Nemesis. The Scimitar and the Science vessel don’t have stats yet but the rest are at least pre-statted.

Enjoy! Expect Klingon vessel PDFs next week.

EDIT: I just added the V-11 Stormbird Mark II to the above link.

EDIT 2 (12:10 EST on 8/19): Mr. Gone is making adjustments to the last batch of Romulan FASA ships. New post incoming soon.

EDIT 3 (6:30pm EST on 9/30): I just added the Valdore-class Warbird (seen in ST: Nemesis and statted in the Shackleton Expanse book) to the above link.

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Just got the second batch of Romulan starship PDFs from Mr. Gone. These are:
V-7 “Whitewind” Mark I and Mark III and the V-7 Mandukar variant
V-30 “Winged Defender” and the V-30 Ra’khohl variant
Z-1 “Nova” battleship and the Z-1 D’kalabam variant
They’re all at the same link in my previous post with the other Romulan ships.

If you’re wondering “Hey, Sutehp, where are the write-ups for all these awesome Romulan starships?”, not to worry. All the write-ups are going to be published at Continuing Mission in the “Fifth FASA Grouping” article which should be published inside of a week or two.

But if you really cant wait, then have a gander at these:

V-7 “Whitewind” Mark I and Mark III and the V-7 Mandukar variant
V-11 “Stormbird” Mark I and Mark II
V-30 “Winged Defender” and the V-30 Ra’khohl variant
V-33 “Thunderbird” and D’hathos variant
Z-1 “Nova” battleship and the Z-1 D’kalabam variant

That should whet your appetite until “FASA Group 5” is published at Continuing Mission. Rest assured, I’ll put a link to the article in the FASA Starships thread once it’s published at CM.


Klingon pre-statted Corey Belote-style PDFs are up! You can find them here.

Klingon ships available are:
B’Rel bird-of-prey
Cargo Transport (22nd Century)
Civilian Transport
D5-class cruiser
D5 tanker variant
D7-class cruiser
K’Tara-class bird-of-prey
K’Tinga-class cruiser
K’Torr-class cruiser
K’Vort bird-of-prey
Negh’Var-class warship
Noggra-class freighter
Raptor-class (22nd Century scout ship)
Vo’n’talk-class (22nd Century bird-of-prey)
Vor’cha-class attack cruiser (and ECM and Fighterbay variants)


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Awesome! Thanks for all your effort. It makes the different eras so much more fun when there are so many options.

I have Mr. Gone working on making Corey Belote style PDFs for the Klingon FASA starships, namely the D-10, D-18, and L-24, which should be done sometime next week. After that, I’ll have him create versions for my Federation FASA ships such as the Andor, Baker, Charger et al. Then I’m going to give poor Mr. Gone a break; the poor guy’s been working on my PDF projects for weeks and deserves a chance to get back to his own work…

Not that I ever forced him to work on my stuff. Mr. Gone does what he likes and no one can force him to do anything. It’s my privilege that I’ve been an email acquaintance of his for years to be able to ask him for his help. :innocent:

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Mr. Gone just got me the Corey Belote-style PDFs for the L-24 Komo Val-class battleship, the D-10 Riskadh-class assault cruiser and the D-18 Lara’atan-class destroyer. I just pre-statted and added them and the D10 and L-24 Dominion War variants onto my GoogleDocs page. Feel free to access them as well from my link above at my 4th post on this thread.

Next up: a whole bunch of TMP-era FASA Federation Corey Belote-style PDFs from the Andor-class on down!

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Just got the latest batch of TMP-era Federation FASA Corey Belote-style PDFs from Mr. Gone (that guy’s a machine when it comes to making quality PDFs).

New FASA classes available:
Andor-class missile cruiser
Baker-class destroyer
Charger-class destroyer
Federation-class refit battleship
Kiev-class fast-response frigate
Northampton-class fast-response frigate
Ranger-class scout
Ranger-class scout (alternate artwork)
Remora-class escort
Sydney-class transport
Ticonderoga-class light cruiser
Thufir-class destroyer
Wilkerson-class destroyer
Wizard-class testbed platform

Go to the link in the original post to get these ships.


Just added the Sovereign class. As always, use the link in the OP and scroll through the alphabetical entries until you get to the Sovereign then download it.

Akyazi (and the Arbiter and Akula variants), California (from Lower Decks), Calypso, Dauntless, Galileo, and Persephone classes are next up. Stay tuned.

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Akyazi (and the Arbiter and Akula variants), California (from Lower Decks), Calypso, Dauntless, Galileo, and Persephone classes are now in my GoogleDocs. All but the Galileo have been pre-statted.

I might have the Aerie-class surveyor (aka the USS Raven from VOY) ready in a day or two, but it depends if Mr. Gone can get it to me before he goes on vacation for 2 weeks (and holy ■■■■, he has really earned a break). Watch this space.

As of this writing, there are 114 individual pre-statted starship PDFs on my GoogleDocs. This includes a few duplicates/variants/subclasses, but still: over a hundred Federation, Klingon, Romulan (and even a Ferengi D’Kora) starship PDFs all ready to download and play. I hope everyone enjoys this. Continuing Mission should have this resource more widely available in a few weeks. Here’s hoping.

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The Aerie-class surveyor (aka the USS Raven from VOY) pre-statted starship PDF is now ready for download. As always, use the link in the OP; the Aerie is the very first in the list of PDFs. But if you need a direct link to the PDF, go here. My write-up for the Aerie class can be found here.

EDIT: I have Mr. Gone working on the Larson (both TOS and TMP versions), the Loknar (both TOS and TMP versions) and the Romulan Valdore Warbird (thank you, Shakleton Expanse sourcebook for giving us official stats for the Valdore!). They should be ready in a few days.

After that, I’m gonna have Mr. G work on some Federation shuttlecraft sheets, including (but not limited to) the Federation Mission Scout, the Type 17 Argo shuttle and the Danube runabout (man, we REALLY need that last one!).

Just got the Anton, Loknar, Larson, and Romulan Valdore from Mr.Gone ahead of schedule. As always, the Anton, Larson and Loknar can be found in the general download link in the Original Post, while the Valdore can be found in the Romulan link in my second post.

Direct downloads are here:
Anton TOS Era PDF ; Anton Write-up

Larson TOS Era PDF ; Larson Write-up
Larson Refit TMP Era PDF

Loknar TOS Era PDF ; Loknar Write-up
Loknar Refit TMP Era PDF

Valdore PDF (see Shackleton Expanse book for its write-up)


Next up: Improved shuttlecraft sheets! (But the Danube-class runabout will be in the second batch, not the first. Sorry.)

Just got the first dozen or so shuttlecraft PDFs from Mr. Gone. The link to the shuttlecraft folder is here. (I will also update the OP with this link.)

List of available shuttlecraft PDFs (only shuttlecraft with official Modiphius write-ups are prestatted):
Calypso (Sovereign-class captain’s yacht)
Delta Flyer I and II
NX Shuttlepod
Peregrine-class Attack Fighter
TAS Aquashuttle
Type 4 Shuttlecraft
Type 6 Shuttlecraft
Type 7 Shuttlecraft
Type 9 Shuttlecraft
Type 11 Shuttlecraft
Type 15/15A/16 Shuttlepods
Type 17 “Argo” Shuttlecraft
Type F Shuttlecraft

The Type 10, Type 18, the Federation Venture-class Mission Scout, and the Danube-class Runabout (2 versions, with and without rollbar) should be ready sometime next week. Stay tuned.

The Type 10, Type 18, the Federation Venture-class Mission Scout, and the Danube-class Runabout (2 versions, with and without rollbar) are now ready. I statted the Danube (both versions) and the Type 10. I fan-statted the Federation Mission Scout with the stats found at this Continuing Mission article.

As before, go to either the link in the previous post or the OP for the link to my shuttlecraft GoogleDocs folder. Enjoy!

Just added the Inquiry and Wallenberg from ST: Picard, and the Osler and Parliament from Lower Decks to my GoogleDocs folder. The Osler and Parliament have Shran’s fanmade stats; the other two are unstatted.

This is VERY handy and incredibly helpful to a player new to the game.
THANK YOU for putting this together.

Just added the Obena (with Shran’s fanmade stats) to my GoogleDocs folder.

If I can find decent overhead views of them, I’m gonna make PDFs of the Type 8 shuttle and Type 9A cargo shuttle. After that, I’m seriously thinking about making Romulan-style PDFs of the Romulan starships from The Romulan War website. I already have most of the United Earth starship PDFs already prepared in my folder, so I just have to find decent starboard view pictures of the Coalition and Romulan ships. We’ll see.

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Isn’t that the wrong delta for the Parliament-class?

Hmm, I thought the Parliament was 2375, right? I thought of it as a Lower Decks ship so that’s why it has that particular delta. I might be wrong.

Great job, love it!

The Lower Decks ships should have the Voyager Delta. The other one seen in Picard is introduced in the 2390s.