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Corey Belote-style Starship Sheets Resource

Ugh, if we’re getting technical, then the California, implied to be a contemporary of the Galaxy since they use the same saucer section, should have the TNG delta rather than the Voyager/DS9 delta.

However, if we go by the shows they first appear in rather than era, then their deltas are perfectly fine. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

And in truth, I don’t want to go back to Mr. Gone and tell him to do more work that might be considered superfluous. I’ve tortured him enough over the last couple of months. :crazy_face:


Slight misspelling of my name, but it is such a common one that I am use to it and it is the reason why/how I got the nickname of “Core” since I tried to correct someone once and they took it to mean that there was no Y in my name instead of there not being an E. :wink:

I am glad that you all are finding a use for the Starship Sheets that I worked on. I do have a number of other ones that I have been creating and even making some updated versions of existing ones that I am hoping to have done before the start of the new year.


Cory, I’d like it if you, me, and Mr.Gone could compare notes on creating new starship sheets or modifying/improving old sheets. I’ve been a bit busy of late, so I haven’t been able to ask Mr. Gone to finish up a few last sheets that I’d like to get done. Also, I’d like your opinion on all the sheets Mr. G and I have already created. You can find them here: Cory Belote Style Starship PDFs - Google Drive

If you need to talk to me directly, my email addy is

Hope to hear from you soon!

Have set a reply and I’ve had a look at the work that has been done. Sorry for the delay, battling a cold and I didn’t get notified of replies for some reason.

I got your email and replied a little while ago. Mr. Gone also received the same email. I look forward to our collaboration. :smiley: