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Some of you may know about the Cory Belote-style starship PDFs I’ve presented as a resource on these forums. I hope you found (and continue to find) them useful. Now I want to present the Modiphius forums with another STA resource I’ve been creating and adjusting for the better part of a year: my fanmade write-ups for lesser known starship classes, especially the old FASA starships. After the publication of the Utopia Planitia sourcebook and Star Trek Minutiae recently updating their Starship Size Comparison images, I took it upon myself to make STA write-ups for a few starbase classes as well. I’m proud of these write-ups and wanted to share them, so here they are.

You can find my starship write-ups in PDF form here. There are 30 starship designs as of this writing, mostly FASA write-ups of my own design along with a few assorted others, like the Freedom-class and Leningrad-class that I designed as Earth-Romulan War era starships.

You can find my starbase write-ups in PDF form here. They include the Alexandria-class (a combination combat starbase and repair yard introduced just after the Dominion War), the Helios-class (the class of the Jupiter research station seen in VOY), the Lotus-class (fanmade TMP era large starbase), Watchtower-class (TOS era starbase), and the Sigma-class (the class of SB 375 seen in Season 6 of DS9, a pure combat defense/border post).

I’ll likely add more write-ups in the coming months (and years?) as I get more inspired to draw them up. For now, they’re yours to peruse as you see fit.


You missed a : in your ST Minutiae link:

Ok, that was weird, the link for Star Trek Minutiae had an extra “https” thingie in it. Derp. Just fixed it.

…Odd that 5 people clicked on that nonfunctioning link and didn’t say anything. Welp, it’s fixed now.

After seeing the Expansive Department Talent in the Utopia Planitia book, I just got inspired to make write-ups for the California and Parliament classes. I should have them ready in a couple of days and I’ll add them to the starships folder for download.

The California write-up is ready for download (and its pre-statted Cory Belote style PDF is also ready for download in the other thread). The Parliament should be ready in a day or two.

I had to slightly adjust the California class’ overview text and its Department Points; I’ll be putting in the new PDF in my GoogleDocs later today.

The Parliament class is getting closer to completion. After seeing Chris Sham’s previous work on the Parliament class at FjordsofAfrica, I remembered to design the orbital platform seen in “Cupid’s Errant Arrow” from Lower Decks as part of the Parliament’s write-up. The stats are done but I still have to finish the Overview and Capabilities of the Parliament. With luck, it’ll be ready for download at the end of the day.

The PDF write-ups of the California and Parliament classes are now ready for re-download and download, respectively, at the OP’s starship PDF download link. The Parliament write-up includes a supplement detailing the orbital platforms seen in “Cupid’s Errant Arrow” episode of Lower Decks. Their counterparts in my Cory Belote-style starship PDF folder have been updated as well. Enjoy!