Franz Joseph Trek & aesthetically compatible starships

I have a soft spot for Franz Joseph’s Star Fleet Technical Manual, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this forum (and you’re probably sick of hearing about). Does anybody else like to use the Franz Joseph material?

I’m working up a game set concurrent with the original series and intend to use the Saladin-, Hermes-, and Ptolemy-class starships from the Technical Manual (and maybe even the Federation-class dreadnought should a reason arise). (And of course the Constitution-class cruiser goes without saying, although right now I think the PCs will be manning a Hermes-class scout.)

Obviously Star Fleet is fairly well covered, but does anyone know of (or have links to) some other aesthetically compatible starships? In particular I’m thinking of things like couriers, civilian freighters, personal yachts, and so on. Even just visuals would be handy, though I loathe statting up starships as I lack the confidence that I’m doing it right. I know there are at least a few of you with the knack, so if you’ve done any vessels appropriate to the era I’d love to see them and, with your kind permission, borrow them. :vulcan_salute:


You could do worse than look at the Jaynz manuals over at Cygnus X-1. Those things are loaded with TOS-style ships, both civilian and Starfleet.

Incidentally, Bones, statting the Federation-class battleship (both the TOS and TMP era versions) for STA is one of my upcoming projects (though I hit a bit of writer’s block for her backstory recently).

And I think you already know that I statted the Larson and Loknar, though only the Loknar is available for download at Continuing Mission as of this writing, but the Larson should be available soon.

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