Starship registry file

I’m not sure if this is the place to post it but I have been working on an update to the google / excel ship registry file originally created by Stephen birks and wanted some feedback. I would love to hear from @stephenbirks and @tonypi on this file I am working on.Stephen Birks Starship Registry V6.9.1-ILP

I can’t access the file?


I just sent an access request. I hope to see your work soon. :grinning:

I don’t like to give my mail so unless it’s shared I will wait

Sorry, I didn’t realize the file was locked. I forgot I have to add accessibility, I don’t know if that is a google drive thing or just with weber state.

Ok, it should be viewable by anyone now. Oh, I forgot to note that the file does have a lot of empty fields and the violet/pink fields are the ones I am going back to work on Later.

I’m going to start adding more of the fan-made work now and I just bought DISCO S3 Crew pack on Cyber Monday so I’ll be adding that as well today along with Brian, GM of Star Trek: Tempest’s LUG Romulan files. On my to-do list is researching the warp speeds of the ships were the speed was not listed in the books. I will probably use my old Decipher Coda Starship books and files to get some of that info although it may be outdated in some places. I’m not sure what to do about the conversion from OCU to MCU on some of these So any Advise on that challenge would be appreciated.

it should be open now

it should be open to view now

It should be open to view now.

HERE is an updated file. I have added an Under construction tab and also a tab with a list of AbbreviationsDAJAQ2 Starship Registry V6.9.7.4-ILP among other things including more ships.

@Sparky @betatester @TonyPi

@DAJAQ2 Thanks for calling it to my/our attention. I had bookmarked the version 6.9.1, so I will update that to this new version. :smiley:

I have had to really slow down my work on this during the holidays but I hope to have everything I want in there for version 7 by the end of febuary or march. As always I’m also open to suggestions for improvements as well.