Character Lifepath Sheet V4.0

Hi All,

I have completed the redesign and update of my character sheet and the latest version is now live. I would appreciate any feedback, critiques, criticisms and suggestions you may have.

It is currently only available in Excel with the Google Sheets version to follow in the coming weeks.!AjcrYYR6LwEcgqVEQiVtlZXEXLpa3w


Hi all,

I have now finished updating my Google Sheets version of my character sheet.

The aesthetic is slightly different to the Excel version so I would be interested to know what people think.

As always comments, criticisms & suggestions are always welcome:



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Stephen, I have seen a Starship sheet. Are you still developing this?

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. I’ve not been part of the STA community for some time due to general life stresses.

I am looking to update all of my sheets to include the latest releases and specifically redesign the ship sheet