Nemesis Starships

Nemesis takes place several years after the game’s default setting (in 2379 vs 2371), but I was wondering if there are any plans to provide NPC stats for the Scimitar, Valdore-class Warbird (or is that Valdore-type Warbird?) and the Scorpion-class fighters in an upcoming product?

In the meantime, has anyone homebrewed any stats for these vessels?

they’ve been p[roviding us with rules for ships as the date in the quadrant sourcebook has increased. So I figure we’ll get nemisis ships down the line. frankly the Scimitar is something I’d rather they just not bother statting (that ship was just OP) but yeah I’d definatly love to see the Morgi statted up

If you need the homebrews:

Scorpion -

Valdore spaceframe -

Thank you. There seems to be a lot to look at on that site–I just spent two hours doing so…

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