Bajoran Raider stats

Has the Bajoran Raider been statted out. If not, any suggestions?

Do you mean the Bajoran Raider which is only 8.5 meters long (according to Eaglemoss) and not the Bajoran Assault Vessel which is 140 meters long (also according to Eaglemoss)?

The Raider is Scale 1, but the Assault Vessel will be Scale 3. If you need fanmade stats for either or both ships, I can do a rush job on both and upload them to my GoogleDocs for you. Just say the word.

That would be great!

So you need stats for both ships? Eep.

…give me a day or two to stat both ships. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Maybe you can take the Raider/Fighter from theCore Rulebook. IIRC it is the last ship mentioned under “Foreign” Ships.

Agreed. The Maquis ships from the Core Rulebook should be suitable. Maybe remove photon torpedoes.

Yeah, Bajoran combat ships used by the Bajoran Resistance are not going to have something as powerful as photon torpedoes. How would the Bajorans even get their hands on them? I doubt even Hagath and Gaila could manage to get such tightly secured weapons as Federation photon torpedoes for the Bajorans.

While the Maquis managed to arm their ships with photon torps, at least that can be justified because many of them were former Starfleet officers (or current Starfleet officers who secretly sympathized with the Maquis) and would have access to them.

Then again, Hagath and Gaila (or other arms dealers like them) could have secured equally powerful weapons from non-Federation worlds with more lax laws on securing powerful weapons. But then that brings up the question of whether the Bajorans could afford to buy more sophisticated weapons beyond hand phasers and phaser rifles. (Probably not. :money_mouth_face: )