Starship-Sized Alien Encounters

Other than the Crystalline Entity in the core book, I haven’t found any examples of ship-sized creatures. I’ve got an idea for some but I’d like a couple of examples so I can calibrate them, preferably within Scales 1-5.

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The ha’kiv in the Shackleton book and the gormagander in the Discovery campaign guide are options. The gormagander isn’t specifically scaled, but is probably scale 2-3.


Ah, the two books I don’t have. XD

Regardless, thank you!

Will the Utopia Planitia book have a chapter or note section on a page about how to handle encounters with creatures that are the size of a starship and guidelines on to create to those creatures? The Crystalline Entity’s entry has system stats under it’s attributes and I don’t know if that was an error, since the Ha’kiv has regular attributes in its entry.

Out of scope for Utopia Planitia, sorry.

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