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Official Ship Measurements and In-universe Scale article up at Continuing Mission!

Link to CM’s article is here.

Eaglemoss and Wixiban have figured out the canon dimensions of dozens of starships from the Star Trek canon and they just updated new jpegs detailing their in-universe size comparisons. I took the liberty of fan-ruling the relative Scales of all these ships judging by their size relative to each other. I made PDFs detailing each and every ship’s length and the resulting Scale according to my own calculations. I included my own rationales for particular ships where needed.

The Eaglemoss In-unverse starship pictures are also available at the above link.

As I note repeatedly, I only judged Scale by size/mass/apparent volume alone; any additional factors that might affect Scale were not included. I leave those to the GM in question to rule as they see fit.

I hope you guys find these things useful.