Star Trek Discovery season 1 crew pack now available

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As it happens, I’m just finishing Season 1 of Discovery, today (or maybe tomorrow). You’ve got the most excellent timing, Jim! :wink:

Ok, so now I have official confirmation that a ship’s Scale is not determined solely by its length but also by its mass as well. We can surmise this since the USS Discovery is 750 meters long and is only Scale 4 to the 644 meter long Galaxy class which is Scale 6. I suspected this already as the Discovery is way more streamlined and far less massive than the Galaxy class. I thought the Discovery was Scale 5 rather than 4 because of its length, but as it’s a contemporary of the Scale 4 Constitution class, it makes sense that it would be Scale 4 instead.

Now I have more information to revise my Scale system at Continuing Missions. It might take me a little while to update my measurements and get the documents reposted, but I’ll get there soon enough.

EDIT: Now we have the official stats for the Spore Drive Talent! SQUEE! :heart_eyes:


As always your charts remains the go to source for everything in one place when I am trying to eyeball a ship to use in my games.

Top work!


For anyone who is looking for the Crossfield-class spaceframe (reverse engineered):

Crossfield Class
Entered service: 2255

Comms 07 Engines 08 Structure 08
Computers 08 Sensors 08 Weapons 07
— — Science +2
— Engineering +1 —

Scale: 4

  • Phaser Banks
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Tractor Beam (Strength 3)

Crossfield-class starships have the following Talents:

  • Extensive Shuttlebays
  • Modular Laboratories

Thanks, Count. I have no idea how many people refer to my Scale system, so it’s always nice to hear from people who do. :blush:

Shran, if you like, I can make a write-up for the Crossfield using your stats and add it to my GoogleDocs folder. Just a word of warning, though: according to Barbarossa’s starship creation rules, a ship built in 2255 should have 48 system points, as opposed to your 46. What do you think about adjusting your Computer and Sensors scores to 09 instead of 08? Everything else looks fine to me. What do you think?

I think a volumetric function where you input the mass, volume, and energy output of the ship to calculate size would be best. If you had something the size of a galaxy class that could only use the amount of energy a shuttlecraft used, it certainly would not be as effective even as a constitution class.

But how often would it happen in Star Trek that something the size of a Galaxy class would be overpowered by a shuttlecraft? Not too often if at all, I’d wager.

But for STA statting purposes, we have no way to measure a starship’s “energy output” to make any sort of judgment call on what a starship’s in-game Scale should be. All we can go by is its size, which we now know is not governed by its length alone, but must also include its mass and/or volume. And mass and/or volume has to be a visual judgment that can only be done relative to other starships. In hindsight, we can see that the Crossfield isn’t quite as massive as a Scale 5 Nebula class, so it makes sense to make the Crossfield Scale 4.

I’m not a fan of Discovery but many people are, so I’m sure a write-up would be appreciated by the community. According to my table it should have 47 points, but anyway we arrive at the same conclusion. I just reverse-engineered the spaceframe from the USS Discovery, so this appears to be the “official” spaceframe. But when correcting the systems, I would also bump Sensors and then either Structure or Comms. I’d rather not have Computers 2 points greater than the Constitution class.

Exactly. The only figure that we can determine reliably is the length of a ship (Eaglemoss figures seem to be correct most of the time).
To determine scale, I always cut off everything that does not include any usable space, such as warp nacelles. That leaves a more realistic length.

Another factor that is usually easy to determine is crew complement. The USS Discovery had a crew of about 150 (at some point Saru says something about 134), same as Voyager. This puts the ship in more of a scale 4-ish range.

On the number of System points, it looks like Modiphius goofed for the Crossfield class on the DSC PDF. The Constitution class, commissioned in 2243 as per the corebook on p.241, has a total of 46 System points. But the Crossfield, commissioned in 2255 (12 years later), has an identical total of 46 System points when it should be 48 points (2 additional refit points for 10+ years as per the refit rules).

I agree with you that the Computers rating should not be 2 points greater than the Constitution, so i stayed with just 1 additional Computers. An additional Structure point was easy to justify as well.

I gave the Crossfield the following System point spread:

Comms 07 Engines 08 Structure 09
Computers 08 Sensors 09 Weapons 07

Now all I have to do is extrapolate the Crossfield’s beam and draft and then come up with suitable Overview and Capabilities sections. Easy peasy.

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This is an especially cool character set introducing Kelpians, Crossfield class and spore drive all in the same pack.

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