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Infinity Errata

The old forums had a thread that listed known errata and corrections when official ones were given. I copied the text from that thread and hopeful other errors can be given and added to this thread as they are discovered. The Google Community no longer exists but I keep the links to it in the errata. The Hassassin Friday also, according to one thread had other stats that were different depending on if it was the collector’s or non-collector’s version of the rules.

Attribute modifier for Hassassin Fiday should say +2 for PER not -1. Verified by Jonathan Killstring on google community at the bottom of this post;

Difficulty modifier for self-treatment is +1 (not +2 as stated in the Self-Treatment talent of the Medicine skill). Source

pg. 207 has a paragraph about Wardrivers which looks like it should be on pg. 208. Also the thread title :wink:

Page 359, le assault pistol is listed as Range Reach/Close, but is listed as Range Close/Medium in its description page 362 (which actually makes more sense).

Normal Shells are listed as being illegal under the Concilium Convention which makes all Light Shotguns illegal to use but they are the standard armament of Police and various army forces in the adversaries chapter.

Career: Bosozoku. Should the Coordination attribute be ‘-’? It seems strange that a career based around daring piloting of motorcycles would not increase the attribute used for the Pilot skill. I have a feeling Intelligence and Coordination have been mixed up…

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The problem with Career Attribute Modifiers is a long known and still not really satisfyingly solved one.

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I believe Nathan has said they are looking to set up a PDF download page and they’ll be putting 2d20 errata’s there but not expected soon

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In fact, shotguns being illegal under Concilium Convention is exactly how the previous version of the Infinity board game was played (remember that N3 was the version the RPG was based on, the updated version we currently play is N4).

This might be odd, but in the wargame made sense as most (if not all) of the weapons that could use templates to do splash damage were banned by the Concilium Convention, as it could cause unwanted casualties amongst civilians… But the Bureau Aegis of that same O12 could carry legaly those weapons, hence the “shades of morality” this game is based in.

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Was at a local game shop over the weekend and got an errata word file from one a guy that usually run 2d20 games that I’ve talked to in the past. It had these other errata that were all fixed in the last PDFs apparently as my copies have the corrections. (Well one of the criminal is obvious in the career’s description.)

Core Rule Book:

The Burst value of Sniper Rifles should be 2, not 3.
Costs for Attribute Augmentation X should be +X CD.

Ariadna Sourcebook:
Bratva Gangster is a criminal career

Haqqislam Sourcebook:

The description for Noor AR should be:
Noor AR: A way to literally incorporate the Search for Knowledge into daily life, noor (light in Arabic) augmented reality programs embed small virtual tokens into the viewer’s environment that teach brief lessons when found and opened, leading to deeper understanding of a topic. Ranging from basic elementary education to advanced academic esoterica, they reduce the cost to acquire a specific Education Talent by 50 XP if used at least a few hours a day for a month or more. Only one can be used at a time, and the ongoing distraction adds +1 Complication Range to Observation tests.