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Just some questions


Just wanted to ask some questions concerning this amazing rpg.

  1. Where are the rules for Superhuman Attributes as I have been looking and can’t find them anywhere?

  2. There is quite a lot of variant armour and weapons in the books, which is awesome, but do they change in price, restriction, tariff etc. I know that, for example, the Breaker variant of the pistol increases the Restriction and Tariff by +1 and the cost gets an additional +1 cost. I just wanted to know if the other weapons and armour variants get an additional cost.

  3. My last question is there anyway of getting the combat dice symbol as I am creating my own character sheet etc in Word and want to be able to add it to the damage etc…

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Infinity Core Book: page 418 “Superhuman Attribute”


Thank you.