Modding guns and armour

Are there rules somewhere for nodding guns and armour? I thought there were but can’t find them

I don’t think there is rules for that, what kind of modification do you had in mind?

There are some text passages - especially in the Armour section - about modifying your equipment, but it seems the actual rules regarding that were left out.

In the destroyed Google+ Infinity community I remember a post about an upcoming “hardware” book containing all sorts of equipment and construction rules. But I don’t know when this book might be published as there is still a long list of other books we are waiting for.

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A book called Technology of the Human Sphere is included in wave 3 of the Infinity Kickstarter project. I suppose that must be the one you mentioned.


Basic stuff.
Additional damage, dice, effects etc

Can expect to see that in what? 2021?

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There’s no official announcement, but assuming they take as long as Wave 1 and 2, then 2021 sounds likely.

Optimistically, we could see it sometime next year but 2021 is certainly the conservative guesstimate.

If i had to homebrew something, i would probably limit the modification to one mod per weapon, and i would increase the complication range by one on certain mod like damage increase.

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