Consolidated Gear in need of Errata

So, now that we’ve had various books printed, various PDF’s released out into the wild I had hoped that Modiphius might get some errata going for some various bits and pieces missing from the books… but, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening, or if there is a central place to consolidate these questions.

So with that in mind, let’s start a thread here.

This thread is for people to list any oversights in terms of mechanics (Such as missing Ammo descriptions) that they have found in the various Books. If someone posts something and someone else has a Dev response they can point to for clarification, please let us know. IF you have an item to add and it came from a PDF see if you can add a version reference.

I’d say something about updating the first post as things crop up, but I’m pretty sure that can’t happen after a certain time.

Maybe if we consolidate all the stuff we can get someone to notice and maybe get missing stuff put into the Gear Book at least.

So… to start and as an example…

Assault Pistol (Core Book) - Thanks Chronic

  • Update: Range consolidated to R/C in Corebook_20180326 from DriveThruRPG

Quality: Unsubtle - Thanks Shran

  • The description of this Quality lists it as Unsubtle X with X being how much you reduce the difficulty of detecting this weapon with an Observation roll. However, no weapon in the Core Book ever lists a Rating for Unsubtle

(Note: this doesn’t prevent the secondary effect of the Unsubtle Quality, maybe the idea of the X rating is a leftover from an earlier version of how Stealth worked?)

Chain Colt (Core Book) - Thanks SimonLandmine

  • Weapon is present in many NPC equipment lists, but lacks a Detailed entry or an appearance on the guns equipment list. Found on Chimera (NPC) and Gecko (TAG) in the Corebook, also found on NPC/Vehicles from the Ariadna, Haqqislam and PanO sourcebooks. Stats seem to be C, 1+4N Damage, Burst 1, 2H, Concealed 1, Torrent, Vicious 1

Chain Rifle (Core Book) - Thanks Murrdox

  • The “long” description lists the weapon with a damage of 1+5N but the Ranged Weapons table lists it as 1+6N. I favour the larger +6N given the scale of the weapon. Evidence to support this is found with most of the NPC’s using this weapon except the ■■■ Enforcer which displays the lower amount.

H-12 Ammunition, MK12 Rifle and H-12 Pisotl (Ariadna Sourcebook v10)

  • UPDATE: Errata added to the Ariadna_ 20191209 book on Drivethrurpg, also they spell-checked Pistol.

Jitterbug Rations (Nomad Sourcebook v8.2/_20190203)

  • Long description present. But its missing an entry on the Drugs Table so we know how much it costs to stay awake on Caffeine forever.

I don’t have the core book close-by but I’m quite sure there is a discrepancy in terms of rules for the assault pistol, between the rules in the équipement list and it’s description a few pages later. The weapon range are different if remember well.

Don’t know if this is a thing in the printed books: Many ammos and weapons have the quality “Unsubtle”, but it is missing a value because the quality is “Unsubtle X”.

Chain Rifle Core Book
The Chain Rifle is listed on the table on page 359 as having damage of 1+6N. The full weapon description on page 364 lists the damage as 1+5N.

Dog Warrior on page 431 lists the damage on its Chain Rifle as 2+7N. Considering the Dog Warrior’s Awareness, that would mean the base weapon damage should be 6N. I don’t know where the “2” is coming from in the damage, other than perhaps the writer gave the Dog Warrior a large-size Chain Rifle and increased the base damage by 1. Or a typo.

■■■ Enforcer on page 443 lists the damage as 1+8N. Considering the modifier for the ■■■ Enforcer’s Awareness, this would also square the weapon’s damage as 1+6N

Thug B on page 460 lists the damage as 1+5N. Not consistent with the other NPCs.

I have a supposition on the NPC stat side of things

In regards to the Dog-Warrior

I believe that what’s happened is the writer has seen that Superhuman Attributes add +1 damage and just applied it to all the Dog-Warrior weapons, even though it only applies to The Chopper and the Claws.


Updated H-12 Ammo and Guns and the Assault Pistol entries as their are some books with the Errata for these.

Does anyone know where the description for the Chain Colt is? A few NPC stat blocks contain it, even in the Corebook (the Chimera, for one), but I couldn’t find a detail block for it. Is it one to add to this list?

It’s just come out in the Yu Jing book, page 72.

Cool. I’ll look forward to that actually being released as a final version. (For some reason I’m not longer receiving the email updates.)

Just got yesterday’s email update. Current version of Yu Jing is the preview, but hopefully it’s close to complete - do appreciate that events in the Corvus Belli continuity may have required some re-writes!