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Print runs for V5 core that incorporate errata

Apologies if this has been answered before, are the current print runs of the V5 core incorporating of the errata document?


Which 1 is that, pray tell? Where is this famous errata posted?


As far as I’m aware, everything from the second print run onward incorporates the errata. So unless your LGS has some holdover stock from the first print run, what you get should include the errata to things like Feral Weapons, Lingering Kiss and such.

How do you identify which print is which?


Our latest batch of books did not have the errata in it. So I think they have not done a corrected printing yet.

Now that I’ve found the errata doc in Modiphius’ site I’ve noted that the errata needs errata! For instance, check the Folk Ban and Mawla corrections, each entry is for a different error -
(Mawla and Feeding Junkie, respectively), even the page numbers are wrong.

Now, I have the physical “second printing” and it’s bizarre to say the least - some of the official 2.0 errata has been implemented, however, in other parts the mistakes are still there!

For instance, the Table of Contents lists all the “expanded” sections (that exist in the V5 expanded PDF), yet they’re not included in the physical corebook, which ends in the Index!


iirc there were tow errata passes one of them has been implimented the other has not and the errata doc is both of those passes in one doc. I am just going from memory here.

Basically there was the gencon books and they did not have any errata corrected then Modiphius did there first print run, technically the second printing of the book. This had some corrections in it and was a different paper stock so it was physically thinner than the Gencon book. This book came in the Slipcase as well. I know this cause my autographed Gencon book would not fit int he Slipcase. :slight_smile:

The current errata document has more errata in it and we are waiting on a third corrected printing for that.