Infinity Errata where~?

Ok so i’m noticing some topics about Errata and the majority seems to suggest the you get the updated pdf’s from

Now not wanting to be the goofball and assuming, so i’ll ask.

The digital downloads pledgers get from the backerkit, are they updated as well?. Or is it only the ones on

Side note, Whats up with the Backerkit digital download?. Everytime i go to download ‘all the pdf’s’ I get the core book and the two entry adventures. I have to go though the lot and download them one at a time which while i’m happy that infinity has and is getting so much source material. It is an effort to collect them all, more so if they are indeed being updated and i need to semi-regularly download them to have current correct material to work with.

Anyway, Thanks for ya time~!

I find the Backerkit download “organisation” anything but organised. It is very confusing to find the current versions of the PDFs you’ve backed.

And there definitely should be a collection of Infinity Errata.
Especially regarding the careers attribute modification errors. This is such a major error that corrections should be prominently available in this forum, I would expect.

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Right?. Haha ok good so it’s not just me.

I’m with @FrankF on this. I gave up on downloading my pledger copies from Backerkit, as it was so badly organised, and switched to

And fully agree about the need for a central, curated (and acknowledged) location for the errata.

So would the Backerkit be a Modiphius issue or something on the Backerkit’s end thats the issue?. (Not familiar on how it works)

If it is indeed a Modiphius issue, could Y’all perhaps get on this.

i mean when you can…


Thanks…i’ll see myself out.