All pdf pledge and GM screen

Hello I’m a backer (all pdf pledge) and I realised that I don’t have access to the GM screen pdf + adventures in my backer kit. I don’t know if I’m suppose to have it or if my pledge doesn’t cover this item? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Please email and ask them. They have access to all the data.

Thank you, will do!

Do we know what kind of data or information is presented on the GM Screen?

As i understand it’s a 4 panel with notes and info about the system,plys+ a 30 something pages PDF with 2 scenarii (actualy the thing i care about).

The pdf copy of the GM Screen inserts can be picked up via DriveThruRPG if you use that to collect the finalised versions.

I too would be interested in finding out how to get the scenario pdf, though (preferably by way of my DriveThru account), though …

After contacting the support, they added both the GM screen and the adventures to my drivethrughrpg account (a million thanks to them, it’s not the first time I contacted them and they are awesome), I suppose you should contact them too.

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I think your reminder has done the job generally - Code Infinity is now included in the PDF Collection on DriveThruRPG. I suspect that they’d just forgotten to add it to that product contents. Thanks!

(It would help if they applied the same naming convention to all products throughout, both on BackerKit and DTRPG, so I would work out which is the latest edition of each - BackerKit has version numbers, and DTRPG has dates (which also give the impression that those versions may be supplanted at some point, too).)