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Drivethru Infinity PDF Collection Missing One PDF and One Current PDF

The Infinity PDF Collection on Drivethru is missing the current version of the Combined Army. The one in the Collection is V3 but it is V4 in the separate Combined Army product download files if you purchased it separately.

The Coast of Greed Dire Foes PDF is also not in the collection, but is in the Coast of Greed downloads if you got that product separately

Please updated the download files for the Infinity PDF Collection.


Sometimes mentioning stuff like this in the Comments section on the DTRPG product can get a faster response from the Modiphius folks reposible for updating the DTRPG items.


I posted this in the Comments section of DtRPG a few days before posting here. No response to either and they still haven’t fixed it.

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Just seen an update on the DTRPG discussion thread from Chris B saying that the staff member who handles the Infinity line updates on DTRPG is on emergency leave, but they hope to update it next week.
It’s not the most resilient way to manage things, but if the company’s core staff is quite small …
Their overall comms on Infinity could certainly be better, though.


I’m gonna get sarcastic and say he’s been on leave for quite some time…