New Books (and the DriveThruRPG PDF Collection)

Modiphius has released three new PDFs onto DriveThruRPG …

  1. Acheron Campaign
  2. O-12 Files
  3. TAGs

However, none of these have yet been added to the INFINITY PDF Collection on DriveThruRPG, which is how many of the Kickstarters access the products that they have funded.

Additionally, the INFINTY PDF Collection version of the Combined Army book is dated June 2020, while the version available separately was updated in December 2020.

Is it possible that the PDF Collection could be kept up to date when new products that the Kickstarter group paid for are released or updated?


The new book are 1vailable on drive-thru, I got them a few hours ago. But yeah, the collection is poorly updated. Good products, awful management is the motto of this kick-starter.


Yep, they were added to the Collection after several days (and a couple of questions being asked on the Modiphius Discord and on DTRPG itself). Not sure if the Collection would have been remembered otherwise.

The management of the Kickstarter has been pretty poor … not to mention the version numbering, proofreading, and the persistent lack of errata for things like the career stat blocks.

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As for the Combined Army book, the Collection version is apparently the same file version as the standalone product (which is odd, given the different update dates, but that’s what I’ve been assured).

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