State of the material

Well hey there!
I would like to buy all of the RPG, for a new round, especiallyas alternative if someone ever suggest to play Shadowrun again…
Now i’m confused. Wasn’t there more in the shop? What about all the stuff in the kickstarter? Is there no print lovers bundle like in MC?

Unlike MC, as far as I’m aware, the planned publications are still working their way through the production process, which means that, as yet, only a few of them have been completed, and they aren’t all ready for bundling … though I guess that the Modiphius crew will be able to confirm in more detail.

Hey @Alpharius!

They are working on shipping out the Wave 2 books for the Kickstarter currently. If you want all of the books (which I highly recommend) then you can STILL BUY THE BUNDLES from the Kickstarter! Get all the PDFs right NOW and get the print books as soon as they’re available!

Wait a minute… did they TAKE DOWN the bundles? It doesn’t look like the Kickstarter is allowing new pledges to get the “All The PDFs” and other bundles? That is a shame.

I hope the bundles will be up and available again soon.

Many books are technically not out yet even if backers have access to pretty final draft for some and early draft for others. Overall I’m very satisfied with what’s being proposed (except the proofing process, it’s evident they
are in a rush considering the mistakes here and there, nothing major but still annoying). I hope you’ll be able to put your hand on the books!

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Technically, you can’t get all of the PDFs right now, as most of them aren’t complete yet. You can sign up for them and get them as they’re completed, and get the ones that have already been finished.

HA! So i didn’t just imagine it!
It has been two or three months ago. I just glimpsed the package, when Infinity caught my interest, but it was a too juice price and i quickly disregarded it.
Now i got a nice bonus and wanted to invest it, because i really like the 2D20 thanks to MC. With Conan, Star Trek and John Carter getting new books left and right ever month, i thought Infinity had been long done. Hence my confusion.

Aye, the very same with MC. Spelling, inconsistency’s and legacy errors all over. Not the worst thing, but still a lot of cringe.

Anyhow, for the time being i ordered the core book and Quantronic Heat to offer something at the next local RPG Con.