Upcoming releases

Over a year ago I saw an upcoming release schedule and among the titles were technologies and star ships/vehicles of the Human Sphere. Both of which I am very much looking forward to, both for the Infinity RPG game and for my own love of all the Infinity fluff. Does anyone know if these books are still in the works or abandoned?

There was a message to the kickstarter backers at the end of last month saying that these 2 books were in final layout for printing.
They were hoping to get the preliminary pdfs out to backers for checking for short window before they go to print.

So a few months for the pdfs and end of summer for the print versions?
Assuming that supply chains are working semi-effectively, which at the moment is no guarantee…

The Starships of the Human Sphere source book was made accessible to the backers.
The time to send in any errata ends in four days.

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Thanks a bunch!

Technology of the Human Sphere and Starships of the Human Sphere both got released today. I picked the PDFs up on DriveThruRPG a few minutes ago.

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