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Next books to drop

From what I am guessing, the next books to be released will be Aleph and maybe Yu Jing. Are we looking at an August release or post Dragon-Con release in September?

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Aleph and the Game Master books were at Gen Con so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are available soon.

Aleph is officially released on drivethrurpg. Came out 1 or 2 days ago.


That’s good to know. I don’t get on drivethru all that often so I was unaware. Thanks :slight_smile:

already has online stores selling it, like MM.

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The pre-release Kickstarter feedback preview of Yu Jing was out a while back, and I understand that the main feedback window for it has now closed, so I suspect they’re now applying the various proofing feedback fixes and fettling it for print and release.

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Yu Jing is apparently now in print, and being distributed to the ‘physical copy’ Kickstarters, so hopefully that means that the .pdf will soon be finalised, and will be available to ‘digital’ Kickstarters and via DriveThru soon (he said, hopefully).

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Nice. So we should see it next month maybe. And that should leave the Tohaa and Combined Army as the next sourcebooks up to bat

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I must admit i have very little interest in the alien faction, since they are so hard to include in anything more than warfare scenario and tend to break the mood when introduce in other type of stories.

Is the Game Master book going to be as big a waste as the player book if you have the core rulebook?

The GM Guide is a book of additional and expanded content, so nothing in there is a pure repeat of anything from the corebook.

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I found the GM Guide useful because it had rules for chases and zero-G movement.

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As I understand it, the point of the Player Guide is so that your players don’t need to splash out on the full rules in order to be able to create characters and understand the system. This was also the case with the Mutant Chronicles Player Guide as well. It reduces the entry threshold for players to have some idea what is going on.

As a side note, @Modiphius-Nathan, any idea when Yu Jing will be added to the Infinity PDF Collection on DTRPG, now that it’s complete and in print?

I’m gonna add that in my opinion, the GM guide for infinity is one of the best GM guide I’ve ever read.It has a lot of incredibly useful advice, and many of them are valid for RPGs in general. I’m usualy very critical of GM guides, a lot of then being almost useless outside of the mandatory rules they provide, but this one is pure gold IMO.


I don’t have any direct involvement in the Infinity line except when I’m called to write something for it, so I don’t know.

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Oops! Sorry! I’ll try to remember that! And thanks for all of your writing!

I actually spoke with the staff at Gen Con about this. The players’ guide is meant to help consolidate most of the rules the players need to play the game without them having to dig through the core book. As Nathan said, the GM book is an entirely new book and I’ve perused my copy and found it very useful.

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FYI, Customer Services say that the Yu Jing PDF should get added to the Collection on DTRPG next week.

Well, dear readers, sorry to report that the Yu Jing PDF still hasn’t made it to DTRPG.

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