Yu Jing sourcebook

Now that the Yu Jing sourcebook is apparently locked down and sent out to ‘print backers’, and has been for a fair few weeks now, can anyone from Modiphius give any guidelines as to when it’s likely to be included in the DtRPG backer redemption bundle? Looking forward to getting the finished version. Thanks!


Anyone? Bueller?

I’d suggest emailing support@modiphius.com about this. They’ve been pretty responsive to issues like this in the past.

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Cheers. I didn’t know whether putting it up on here might enable others who were wondering to get an answer too! Will do.

Customer Services (All hail King Torg Customer Services!) say that it should be added to the Collection on DTRPG next week.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s been uploaded yet …

I got it from DT

Found some typos already…

In gear: Augmentation table is called 5 (TRAIT: DRAGON-BLOODED 1), also not sure if the last item is correctly described. It seems you can have any value (X) of augmentation and it only slightly increases price and makes it harder to get.

It went up this morning.
Somewhat disappointing that after all of this delay there appear to still be errors.
(And, as a tiny peeve, the file-naming is inconsistent.)

The Yu Jing book on DTRPG is apparently an older PREVIEW version, Yu Jing v7 from the 21. July 2019.
That does not seem to be the final version of this book.

Oh, great. [facepalm] Wonder where the final version is? Is this a stop-gap until the final version goes up, or is this what we’re left with?

(It was Modiphius support who said it was going up today.)

The v7 July version has now been replaced by a version from August, which is hopefully the release version.

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