ALEPH pdf final version still missing

All Infinity finished products have been updated on DTRPG (for backers). Well, all but one: ALEPH is still missing. I’m beginning to suspect that Tunguskan Interventors are behind this mystery…

Hey MigRib - I’ll check that file for you. Please bear with us.

They seem to have mostly only been updated on the DTRPG “Infinity PDF Collection” after they’ve gone to print.

(Though I’ve not been getting any more emails regarding the publication statuses from Modiphius, so I no longer know what’s finished!)

In this case it has already gone to print some time ago. But I think there were some changes in the Backerkit files after a long time. @Modiphius-Lloyd maybe the final ALEPH is there? I found an ALEPH pdf there that isn’t marked as 4.1 or something like that. I can’t be sure if is the final version, but it be it…

In which folder did you find the non-versioned ALEPH PDF file?

Well, that’s depressing. (Not that it’s gone to print, but a) that I’m not getting the emails any more, and b) that, presumably, having gone to print means that there’s a ‘locked-down’ final version, which hopefully the digital backers will receive at some point, assuming the physicals have been dispatched.)


Nevermind - it was in the All the Subscriber PDFs 2018, but the date is the same as version 4.1, it just doesn’t mention that is version 4.1. BUT, on the All the PDF 2019 folder there is a beta version of the Yu Jing sourcebook. That was news for me.

Right now there’s a distinct “this is not a priority” feel oozing out from the Infinity line. I hope I’m wrong, but I guess I’ll be concentranting on other games in the meantime…

Yeah, the version control issues were one reason I shifted to waiting until they hit DTRPG, as they only hit that (eventually) when finalised, and the release dating is more consistent.

Yep - I understand that it could take a while to get confirmations from Corvus Belli, but it does seem that Infinity it pretty far down the list.

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From yesterday’s update email (which I only received this afternoon), it looks like it’s the approval queue which is the narrowest pipe in the process - which is entirely understandable - and at least ensures that the books are consistent with the setting (which is more than some other companies manage!)

There’s a positive side. Also, I suppose that this IP isn’t as attractive for most players as others, like Star Trek or Conan. I can live with that. I would rather have jumped on the Infinity boat right after this stage (as it happened with Mutant Chronicles, which I started playing a couple of years ago, when there was almost everything available), but it didn’t happen like that…

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