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Next books to drop

The Yu Jing PDF is now up on DriveThru in the Collection.
(The naming approach is inconsistent with the other DTRPG files, admittedly, and you’ll see in the book-specific topic that someone has already noticed some possible errors, but it seems like it’s two iterations ahead of the one that went out as a preview for proofing.)

Aaaaaannnd … there is a suggestion that this is a preview version from July, and not actually a final version. We await developments! (It’s definitely fixed some of the typos I flagged up to Modiphius from v5, but some of the others are still there.)

The July preview (v7) has now been replaced on DTRPG by an iteration from August, which should hopefully be the publication copy.


I’ve been reading mostly the PDFs of the books. I can’t wait to have this one in dead-tree format!

Even the latest PDF on DriveThru appears to retain a couple of typos - I don’t know if the treeware versions will have those as well.

So now, the alien factions are up to bat. Hopefully backers will start seeing info on those in the next few months and let us non backers know.

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I’m looking forward to the TAG sourcebook! If I recall from reading the comments on the Kickstarter page it’s in proofreading and art. I’m hoping that’s the final step! I do hope there are ways for characters to create their own TAGs!

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