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Solodice's Custom Vehicles

Kind of forgot Modiphius had a forum board before I made this over at the CB community forum. Might as well share it here as well. Not going to port it over as I keep adding to it when I get an idea and do some cleaning up/balancing/changes as well at times.

I had and still have a lot of free time thanks to COVID-19 and turned my attention to creating more vehicles for the Infinity setting. We have some good options already from the sourcebooks and some generic options from the corebook. I always like having more specific vehicles for better verisimilitude and overall flavor for the setting.

Some of these vehicles are those already mentioned in the wargame fluff and stated out how I see them but 99% are my own creations. Any modifications come from the GM Guide and the Mercenary sourcebook. 99% of the weapons come from the books as well unless I couldn’t find one the RPG hasn’t covered or I needed something pretty custom.

If a vehicle doesn’t have special abilities it was mainly because I couldn’t think of any at the time. Left it open to GMs to create their own if they want.

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@Solodice these are great - you put a lot of work into these.

Appreciate you posting.

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@Evocatus Thanks.

There’s a muse in me that does really well with vehicles. Probably do to a love for real and fictional vehicles (military or civilian)

The Infinity vehicle system makes it pretty easy to make all sorts of things quickly. It’s just knowing what you want to make and how with the stuff on hand.

I really appreciate your Infinity vehicles.
Aside from some military ones, I most often need civilian vehicles in my games, but the core rules book and the source books only list very few of those.

I appreciate that people are getting some use out of it other than me, lol.

Some of the military vehicles, especially support vehicles, I have made the intention to include some civilian versions or easily used as civilian vehicles (Energia Zond - Delivery Transport, Aduu 8x8 with its default, field repair, or hauler module; MTV Hussar, Mi-30 Mountain King, and C-150 Hermes).

Actually I find the civilian vehicle variety from the books to be pretty decent. Paradiso introduced some good generic platforms and more unique options along with Mercs (my favorites being the Hot Rod, Dinerpod, and S4 Sundra).

I do intend to branch out and cover more civilian options but they’ll probably be a little more niche (industrial, sports/hyper cars, maybe something more commuter based, or whatever pops into my mind). The base generic Car and Truck from the corebook covers most commuter level vehicles and Paradiso’s Transport gives you a bus/small boat option and Hot Rod for something with a little more oomph over a Car.

Some factions in Infinity also don’t put a big emphasis on private ownership or individual transport like PanOceania with their awesome mass transit in their cities (however outside of them is where you might need something).


@Solodice, can you point me to a good all-terrain (mainly high desert) 1-4 person scouting/recon vehicle?

A Rackham buggy with running boards (which gives it room for 4) or the Narcham buggy (variant of the Rackham) from the Merc book (p.70 and 71) should do the trick just fine. My MTV Hussar would do just fine as well if players can find one and afford it.

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Took to adding more civilian vehicles to heart. Added over 8 new vehicles that are civilian centric but have lee-way for other uses as well. 6 options are under Other Vehicles and 2 of them under Yu Jing. The Yu Jing options are from the famous TZ manufacturer and will make any gear head go crazy if they got their hands on one.