Simplified Infinity PCs

Hey! How’s everyone doin?
Coronavirus pushed us in quarantene, so we go for discord playing.
I was thinkin about a simplified demo like PCs and wondered about the idea of creating them with the enemies ruels, adding a proper amount of talents (around 5) as special abilities. I know some granularity would be Lost, but I can’t see particular drawbacks.

Anyone using this kinda mods?
I saw that JCoM basically uses a streamlined 2d20 system which Is not far from this.


For an introduction I think it’s a nice solution. Personally I’ve used a pool of characters I’ve created by myself new players can choose from. But infinity can be a bit intimidating and your solution is nice.

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I would still however give them the standard PC healt pool, but I guess it was a given considering the nemesis rules.

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Hey! :slight_smile: thanks for your replies! We played tonight and gonna play tomorrow, I’ve to Say It can easily be an Infinity Lite variant!

What I did was basically creating Nemesis with a couple of twists

  • Average attributes on 11
  • 20 points on fields of expertise
  • 5 talents each (sometimes I created some variants or alternate versions to compensate for the lack of actual skills)
  • 2 Infinity Points (I should have gone for 3)
  • Stress track as normal
  • 4 points of abstract defense to spam among the tracks, It sounds right to compensate for missing granularity.
  • bonus damage calculated as normal.
  • Geist don’t have specific values. I play them as vivid “NPCs” and they have three skills with no specific number granting +1d20 to related tasks.

The game feels a lot smoother and I Will try to expand on this hack in the future. It Is NOT that far from Modiphius’ lighter 2d20s.

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Just spotted this thread.
I’ve been thinking about doing this myself. (I HATED the bloated character sheets)

How has it been going so far?

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We did fine! Gonna end up this week that “run” and It worked perfectly! Curiously enough, that Is basically how the new Dishonored works :slight_smile:

I love that extra 2d20/combat dice granularity though, so I can see some group still enjoying a full skillset approach, especially those in Need of differentiation (maybe because they are 4-5 at the table).

In 2-4 players, the simplified approach is still fun and I Highly recommend this to everyone!!


I’m in the same boat. Shut in and exiled from players. I was thinking about adding Infinity to the rotation.

Glad yours is going well.