Livestream session

Hi, i was wondering if you (the devs) considered streaming an adventure for infinity as it’s been done for conan or recently john carter. Among all the universes currently available for 2d20, infinity might be the hardest for players or gm to visualize. Between geist, AR environment, hacking, posthumans etc, it’s a lot of things you don’t usually see in an rpg, and it would be nice to have people who have worked on the setting and the rules make a demo.


I’ll second that motion.

I’d love to see this as well!

Glad to see i’m not the only one !

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I suppose in the case of Infinity it’s up to Mödiphius. I can’t find any actual play anywhere. I found a podcast about an Infinity campaign, but it’s mostly a guy talking about it, not a livestream of game sessions.

It would be nice to have someone from the team react to this post, even if it’s to say no. I really think the infinity RPG would benefit tremendously from a recording of a session by people who know the setting well.

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Let’s keep talking about this, it’s more difficult to ignore us if we are stubborn.


Your a man after my own heart !

Sure, let’s keep it live

It would be nice to think that’s true! Fingers crossed.

It’s time to necro the thread again ! Baaaaaack to the top.


It seems there was a Conan livestream recently. It’s just about time to do one with Infinity too.

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Yep, they did john carter of mars too, that’s why i’m being insistent !

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I went other the conan section and asked the modiphius staff there, let’s hooe we’ll get an answer.

We might just have something Infinity shaped to follow the Conan stream we’re doing at the moment.

And when I say might, I mean we do.

So expect Infinity after Conan!



Good news!



Nice one! Looking forward to it!

Yeaaaaaaaah !!! You can’t see it but i’m doing a little dance of happiness.
(spoiler it’s not very good but i don’t care)

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This is awesome! Can’t wait!