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John Carter of Mars live stream on Facebook Wednesday 3pm BST

Hey everyone,
Just a heads up that we’ll be live streaming an actual play of John Carter of Mars tomorrow at 3pm GMT (10am EST/7amPST)
Come and join us over at for the event & the chance to get discounts and win pdfs :slight_smile:

See you there

Oh nice, Infortunately facebook stream is a big no no for me. I hope you’ll put some kind of replay on other plateforms it’s a nice initiative.

sure thing - we’ll be putting a version up on YouTube too- other John Carter videos are also there if you want to get started.

Thank you i’m gonna watch them !
It would be cool if the same was made for infinity, i think among all 2d20 system it’s the one that would benefit the most from a proper adventure videom, since the setting is sometime hard’to imagine for players (god bless netflix and altered carbon, it was a blessing to give my players an idea of what to expect ).

I’ve seen it. Sadly, the audio is not very good.

Hullo, folks,

I’ve seen the video as well, and the audio is not very good at all. Part of the problem seems to be the room that’s being used has very poor acoustics. I’m sure that I missed some important plot points due to the audio problems.


Hi all,
We’re working on improving the audio in the very near future - it’s unfortunately not a purpose-built studio and we’re having to slowly convert an old meeting room with double side windows - producing challenging reflections everywhere. Acoustic dampening will be doing in soon though and we’ll try and add subs to the YouTube videos also.
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Glad you will try to improve the technical aspect because recording session is a very good idea !

I agree, I’ve watched much of it, but the audio issues could use improvement!

Hullo, Isaac,

The only real trouble I had with the 2nd session was the police, fire engines, and ambulance sirens. But at least the folks at the table made an effort to stop talking when the sirens were blaring. (I found that listening to the session with headphones on worked well, too.)