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Organized Play (?)

I found a link weeks ago for organized play for the John Carter RPG. I filled out the form and since have heard nothing further about this. Do we have any news? Is this going to become a thing, sort of like the Star Trek organized play adventures, or does it look like there isn’t enough interest?


I believe this link would have been one asking about interest in organised play for a number of our lines, including John Carter.

This organised play wont be the same as other lines such as Star Trek Adventures or Mutant Chronicles which had living campaigns. Instead we’ll be producing a short adventure for running at conventions as that has been asked for by a number of people who regularly run John Carter at cons.
This may expand in future to include new scenarios, but it will depend heavily on the popularity of the convention adventure and feedback. For now we are only planning for the one convention adventure, but we aren’t ruling out further convention support in the future.

Hope this helps!


Please can you post the link?

A link would really be helpful.

Hi everyone,

This is the link currently to sign up for information about organised play across a few of our lines.

Thanks! I’ve signed up.

I had planned to run a demo game at the convention in my home town last spring (the ConventusLeonis in Braunschweig, Germany) but I got to books too late.

Thanks for the info. Any guess as to a timeline when any of this material might be released?

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It would be great if you were able to release the material before april, because I want to run a John Carter game at the local convention…

Hi all,

There is currently no timeline on the release of this convention adventure, but when there is more information we will let you know!



Please, don’t let us wait too long!