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Infinity Character Creator

Origionally posted to the old forum by [ChristofferLundberg]

Hi folks!

I’m working on an online tool for creating Infinity characters. It is still in BETA and probably ridden with bugs and other problems. Please write any feedback in this thread and I will look at it. Any help is appreciated.

You can find the tool at this address:

Uploaded an update today with performance optimizations and bug fixes, so if you experienced problems with the tool during the weekend, please test it again and let me know if the experience is better for you now.


Well, a lot has happened since I posted that. I would prefer feedback via the “Feedback” link in the online tool. Thanks!

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Great tool i used a lot! very handy to make new characters!

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Hi, where did you find the stats for the aliens? I cant find reference anywhere heh (cept dogface)
Do the aliens have any other special information (like dogface transform) and finally any reference to what each alien looks like heh?

This would be an amazing help for my game im running!

also: Great work :slight_smile:

Dogface is in the core book. The others are in the Ariadna source book, and only show in the tool if you select Ariadna as an included source. And of course, more will be added over time, as new books are available.

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If anybody is experiencing PDF export problems, please let me know what choices you make so I can try to replicate the error on my machine. So far I have been unable to experience the PDF export error that has been reported by quite a few users.

@Christoffer the app is a fantastic tool!

Even if one doesn’t want to use it to generate characters, it is useful to get a grasp on the creation process.

Why would not one use it for character creation? :wink:

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Haqqislam is now supported in the tool. Let me know, via the Feedback button in the app, if there are any problems.

Is the Creator Offline? Error 503 or so

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OMG this is so good. I just made a test character. This sped the process up so much. I just used my book to follow along. Only issue I had was it wouldn’t let me select a language for Ariadna. In my case it should have been Russian. the language boxes were there but it didn’t let me select any. Corebook only was selected. Otherwise awesome work.

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Just my opinion, but some people prefer not to follow the steps for creation. But good aps anyway ! Do you happen to have an eta on aleph integration ?

Aleph? Hmm, have not received any word about that one, and neither PanO.

From what I recall, they have only just been released (to KS backers initially).

Seems like PanO is the only one in such a state that it can be integrated. I have asked for it.

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IIRC, Aleph was released for Kickstarter-proofing (hopefully in addition to internal proofing), and Modiphious are now working on integrating the corrections and preparing for release.
Pan-O print final has now been produced, so hopefully the finalised PDF is out.
And Nomad PDF is apparently due out for Kickstarter-proofing soon.

Yeah, asked for PanO, did not receive it yet.

Sorry, I have to ask you:
For Mutant Chronicles you this cool NPC track. Do you plan to do it for Infinity again? Pretty please!

Sorry no. And it will disappear for MC once the new tool is completed.

PanOceania is now supported in the tool (beta). Please let me know if you find any problems.

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