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Infinity - Dogfaces and new Lhosts

So im very new to Infinity, my GM just started that they want to run it. After flicking though the charecter creation I saw that it was possable that you can die but are brought back into a new Lhost.

So my question is that if a dogface dies are they brought back in a cloned dogface body or do they get a basic Lhost and for all intents and porposes human now?

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I always assumed that Dogfaces don’t have a Cube, so when they die, they stay dead.

There are some special Events in the Ariadna book for those rare ones, though:

Gained a Cube—No Strings: You are one of the rare Ariadnans—
and even rarer Dogfaces or Wulvers—outfitted with a Cube. How
did this happen, and why are there no strings attached?

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My opinion is that if you work in an official capacity for 0-12, you get outfitted with a cube.
in terms of mechanics, I would say you get an Lhost adapted to your dog face status since I don’t want to deprive a player for his race choice, however if it weren’t for that, I would say that a resurrected dog face probably isn’t one anymore since most Lhost are standard products, and clones are very expensive.

Ah ok. I’lll keep that in mind as he is planning for us to work for 0-12 and that dose make sense.

Hold the Press i’ve found it! p.392-394 Resurrection

Today, Cubes are implanted in custom-grown
Lhosts incorporating the user’s own DNA, all but
eliminating instinctual rejection of the new body.


Resurrection: The actual process of infusing a
stored personality into a new Lhost is an expensive
one. The listed cost does not include the cost of the
Lhost itself (which must be purchased separately).
The process of Resurrection is mentally straining.
The character being resurrected must succeed on
a Challenging (D2) Discipline test or suffer from
Resurrection Dysmorphic Disorder (see sidebar).
The difficulty of this test is increased for Lhosts
which are distinctly inhuman

I think i’ve also seen, that cost for Alien Lhosts goes up 1+1N. But can’t find it right now… I made a Dogface for a Newbee round next week. So i’m hunting for a lot of Answers there too!

uh… and…while FrankF is totally right! p.71 Step Five: Gear
You may spend your Assets to immediately purchase additional equipment, or you can choose to
save your Assets for later use. All characters start
with a comlog. All non-Ariadnan characters (or
Ariadnan characters who have been Resurrected on
the Lifepath) start with Cubes and also receive a
free, basic geist, which you can update by spending
additional Assets (see Supporting Cast, on the
next page).

So, there are several events that make starting with a cube possible, while you could still buy a cube with assets at the end… if you think, your dice might try to kill you…

Which, let’s be honest, happen all the time!
No, I’m not paranoid! Who sent you already?

No, I’m not paranoid! Who sent you already?

“Bureau Noir.”

You may spend your Assets to immediately purchase

Yep, another of those MC3 cut-and-paste errors from the game in which you could spend Assets like that. [sigh]

It’s worth noting that I found the answer in the Aleph book where it says cloned Lhosts from dogfaces come as either human form or dogface form but you are no longer able to go from one to the other


thanks for tracking that down. bottom of pg 79 of the book for those who can’t ctrl+f their way to find it.