Some questions about Resurrection and Lhost

I have some questions about Resurrection, Lhost. Currently I posses only the Core Rulebook and the Player Guide, so please forgive me, if I ask something, that is answered in an other book.

  1. If someone posses a criminal records, died and then got resurrect within a Lhost, would the criminal record erased?
  2. What if someone with a criminal record posses several Lhost, and posses also the ability to jump between them, would the record linked to the ‘jumper’ or to the Lhost.
  3. Could a Lhost be hacked, when not in use, activated and then ‘jump in’?
  4. What is a Bodhisattva Lhost, and could a PC get? it (was mentioned under the Posthuman NPC, page 451 Core or with in the entry of Professor Vitriarius, p. 470 Core)
  5. Same as 4., but for the Sophotect (Sophotect NPC, p. 454 Core)?
  6. Same as 4., but for i-Lhost? (Accessable for PC Aspects? (Ectogenesis, p. 194 Core)
  7. Same as 4., but for Deva Lhost? (Light Combat Armour Variant: Deva Functionary, p. 372 Core or Rozier NPC, p. 133 Players Guide)
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1.unlikely, but I guess it would depend of the laws surrounding resurrection and could change from one faction to another.
2. It would be linked to what you call the jumper. Using a different Lhost could be a good way to hide an identity. But someone capable of switching Lhost without serious consequences are very rare. They are called posthumans and are human chosen by aleph to be elevated, completely splitting the mind from the body. Allowing them to stock their mind in a quantronic form on networks such as maya. They can not only possess different Lhost without consequences on their sanity, but can also switch host back and forth so rapidly that they appear as controlling several bodies at the same time.
3. Yes but again only a posthuman could do that, and only if the Lhost has a 2.0 cube if I’m not mistaken.
4. Bodhisattva Lhost are top of the line Lhost mostly used by Aleph agents. They are improved biological body with limited quantronic mods. Commercial versions exist but slightly inferior.
5. Sophotect probably use specialised bodhisattva Lhost as they are aleph agents.
6. I-host are heavily modified bodies with significant cybernetic enhancement, they usually heavy duties host or combat host pretty much exclusive to Aleph elite troops (aleph pretty much has all the cool toys)
To be honest the distinction between the most advanced Lhost and the I-host aren’t cristal clear. Asuras, Aleph favorite instrument of terror and mayhem use state of the art bodhisattva Lhost and yet they almost considered has miniature Tags capable of surviving anti vehicule
weaponry in some instance. Achilles is describe in pretty much the same terms and use an I-host I think.
7. Deva use generic versions of bodhisattva Lhost

Aside from the Lhost that can be taylored to specific purpose elite operatives use specific equipments. Example: Sophotect armor include plating that can be detached and used as base material for their mother forge (nanomachine fuelled 3d printer capable of engineering even complex machinery). They sometime are iconic and associated readily with some units but have no direct connection to the user Lhost.

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Cool, from were you got your information? I couldn’t find anything about this?

Here and there. The aleph faction book for the rpg, human sphere n3 book for the tabletop game, unit descriptions found on the store of corvus belli (many miniature store page have a short text). Also the official tabletop forum. Many things about the infinity lore I had to gather pieces by pieces on my own.

Where do you get it? The shop doesn’t listed it

The nomad and aleph faction book are by far the most educating faction book because both of those factions generate social tendencies that do not exist in our world and therefore need to be detailed. Resurrection, Lhost, ectogenesis and artificial wombs, life under the protective arms of an almost omniscient AI. All of those subject are treated in the aleph book.
The nomad one talk of fringe science, esoteric social governance,body modification so heavy and so perfectly accepted by the human body that it redefine our vision of humanity. It also speak of those enhanced animals created by the nomads, sometime so intelligent they had to give them citizenship. After the complicate process of defining what being sentient means.

Those book are by far the most useful in forging an image of the human sphere and what it means to live in it.

They are work in process right now. The backer have preview versions.

This is leaning pretty heavily on N3 material, so do what you will with it, but if you look at characters like Raoul Spector, criminal records stay intact even if your body dies. A person’s core identity as a person remains with their Cube, so their crimes would follow them from body to body. Also, the governments of the Human Sphere would never allow someone with a criminal record to be resurrected unless they were absolutely needed for something. A criminal would have to go to the black market to be resurrected.

My inspiration for how I run resurrection in my games comes from Peter F. Hamilton’s books. Misspent Youth and Pandora’s Star are great inspiration for resurrection plotlines. Also, Altered Carbon is a great source of inspiration for how resurrection works, except in Altered Carbon they just use other people’s bodies instead of Lhosts.

Actually in altered carbon they use some kind of lhost too. It juste that they can end up with a sleeve who used to belomg to someone else.