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Combing Expert Systems

i have some questions afer reading the Aleph factionbook

a) can i combine two expert systems from the same source (i.e. lhost - i think no)
b) can i combine two expert systems from different sources (i.e. lhost + combirifle)
c) how about more than two sources (if a combination should exist…)
d) can i combine expert systems with superhuman attributes (i.e. gencraft + combirifle)

e) looses the indra lhost also his superhuman attributes ?

thx and bb

i don’t see anything that says you can’t combine expert systems, i think using a combi rifle with expert ballistics system 2 just becomes expert 3. unless i’ve misunderstood the game, you’re capped at 6 momentum and capped elsewhere with dice and momentum spends, so there’s no need to limit how easy it is to get. your pc would just pay for it in tariff and maintenance costs, as well as complications and traits in the case of the indra lhost.

i don’t think the indra host loses superhuman attributes. just instead of +4 to a single attribute, you get +2 to all/-6 will (or will reduced to 6) plus all the other stuff.

That limit only applies to the surplus Momentum that gets stored in the group Momentum pool.
On any test, there is no set limit how much Momentum you might generate. (You could roll 5d20 (the maximum number of dice), all of which equal or less the Focus value, so generating a total of 10 successes. If this was on a D1 test, you generated 9 Momentum from your dice alone. If you have a Talent that add 3 bonus Momentum and an expert system 2 for further 2 bonus Momentum, you are at 14 Momentum for the test - the question is, how do you use that much momentum?)

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fair point! to amend my answer–you can generate a lot of momentum but the system finds other ways (maintenance, caps on spend, etc.) to keep the PC from abusing it, hence no limit that i’ve read on combining expert programs and/or superhuman bonuses.