Expertise & Focus : redundant expertise?

My first post so here goes : I understand the mechanic of Exp & focus. Rolling focus or less gives 2 successes. What i fail to understand is this : if your focus is the same or higher than your expertise, then your expertise level is redundant because you,ve just obtained 2 successes. As soon as your focus exceeds your expertise level, expertise becomes irrelevant. I know some talents require qualifying expertise levels but beyond that, what relevance does expertise it play? If i,m being dense and missing something, please point out my ignorance!


Your target number for a skill test is the sum of your attribute and expertise scores for that skill. So, if you’ve got an attribute score of 6 and an Expertise of 3, any roll of 9 or less is a success. That’s completely independent of whether or not you have any Focus in that skill.

In summary: Expertise improves your base chance of scoring any successes on a skill test. Focus gives you a small chance to score double successes.


Thanks much for the swift reply. It’s just clicked with me! Doh.

So attacking in melee with Agility 12, Melee 3 & Focus 3. Each D20 that shows 4-15 is 1 success & each die showing 1-3 is 2 successes. Got it. Thanks again

What Nathan said. Also, expertise determines what kind of discount your characters get when buying new talents for the associated tree. I am not 100% if it is a homebrew rule or something I read in the book but focus and expertise level independently and you can’t level your focus higher than your expertise, or at least that the way we do it in my game. Also, 1 point of focus also reduces the cost by 25.

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I do not believe the rules specifically say you must have an Expertise equal to or greater than your Focus. I know there is a certain logic to that but I believe it is within the rules to have a 1 Expertise and 4 Focus.

I honestly think you very well might be right. I’ll have to check in the book to be sure. Chances are we’ll continue to use that house rule even if it isn’t there though :slight_smile:

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