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Ghost in the machine and a little about Augmentations

Hey guys, here I am with my questions again :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’s fine for a Posthuman, Aspect or True AI to kind of permanently inherit a Remote. I guess the default setting for robots in the Human Sphere is to be controlled by a LAI or Geist, but it seems to me that lets say an Aspect of ALEPH could settle in a Garuda Tactbot for example? If so, what would happen if the Bot was destroyed?

I also wonder about i-Lhosts and augmentations. Is it possible to have cybernetic enhancements on top of what they have with their inherent armor for example. Like extra shielding or strength?

Garuda tacbot ARE controlled by aleph splinters, albeit simple ones. I don’t know if they can be called aspects since they are not as complex. Most classical aspects could not handle inhabiting remotes for a long time since they would be subject to resurrection disorder like anybody else. Posthumans could, but why would they? If destroyed, anything else than a posthumans would need a cube or be subjected to true death.

For I-host, I don’t know in terms of rules, but lore wise, they already are heavily cybernetized body, so that might be complicated. I’ll check the books.

According to the alpeh book, you can augment an l-host with the usual limitation. One limitation added is about the Armour of an Lhost. You can’t have subdermal armor on top the Lhost armor.

Thanks alot! I kind of wanted a more artificial looking Aleph, along the lines of Battle Angel Alita. But maybe I could make that internal armor fully visible instead and maybe call it an older model or an experimental one perhaps.

Well technically nothing says the armor on advanced I-host is not visible despite being subdermal, so feel free to reskin it like you want.

I would say you could but unless it’s an emergency you never would. Much better to have a super secure server somewhere and then just remote control it. They’re not in the RPG yet (to my knowledge) but Tunguska’s Hollow Men are brain-boxed humans who do exactly this.

True but they don’t really inhabit another body per se, they are remote pilot who spend their time in vr games, only stopping to inhabit remotes (which aren’t technically l-host) in order to accomplish missions.

That approach relies on a good connection. Certain environments or enemy actions can break remote connections like that.

There’s also the fact that there’s a significant amount of data flowing both directions, which is a possible vulnerability if you’re trying to be Stealthy.

Maybe I should create a new thread for this but since we cover Posthumans a bit, I wonder, when they jump to Proxies… I cannot find anything about the range requirements of Quantronic Jump. “Nearby” was the only thing I could find. What does that even mean? :smiley:

Also on Posthumans… can they Hazard AI careers? Like Steel Phalanx?