Questions: Human-sized Tinbots? Maximum possible Stress?

So I have two questions:
I have seen pictures of tinbots. Cute little things, really.
Though I wonder if there are any “Human-sized tinbots” you could upload your geist in? I’m not very well versed when it comes to Infinity Lore, heh.

Also, what is the MAXIMUM possible stress a character can have? Is there a cap?
A character can only have a maximum of 16 in any given attribute, and 5 ranks of expertise if it’s a signature skill. So a cap of 21 and 19?

Answering the first question: yes. There are human sized REMs. There are also bigger ones: Tskylons for example are bigger than humans, albeit they’re squatter and not human shaped. There are TAG sized REMs as well, although realistically they’re limited to the EI.

Garudas are an example. There are others such as Dakini and Unidrons in particular (both are relatively common), although they lack stats for the RPG (for Dakini, I’d start with a Garuda Tacbot then remove the Combat Jump Pack, all 3 Superhuman Attributes and drop its stats down so that it was only Toughened).

The Human Sphere wiki is a good resource for unit specific fluff and images.

And yes, that sound right. Although, remember Jaded exists. So for Resolve you could boost it to 27 if you take 3 levels of Jaded.

Thanks for your reply, well def’ check it out ~