Custom dice and character organisation

Hello, all of you fellow Infinity RPG Players!

I’m pretty new to this forum :wave:, but my group plays Infinity 2d20 on a weekly basis for about a year.
As it is total fun to play, I wanted to share some pics of my custom made stuff.

First, I have to mention that my Character is Dimitrij Michailowitsch Markov, the star of his own Maya-Show “D-News”.
Just, so you know what the D-Logo on the dices means.

Here are my D20 and Combat Dice:

Then, my counters for the Infinity-Points and Cash Flow:

I organize my equipment by business card-sized cards with the rules on them, so I don’t have to search the rulebook ten times per evening.

Same for my Perks:

Greetings from Germany!
And if you have some cool personalized tools for your characters, please show me. :grin:


Alter… das ist voll abgefahren!!! Die Karten finde ich eine ganz besonders schöne Idee!

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Danke dir :relaxed:

I play Infinity in two campaigns for about two years now, but only in online games.
That might change when my Conan group at home switches to Infinity. So I am always grateful for any ideas how to manage the character development and bookkeeping at the table.

BTW, your character sheets don’t look like the standard landscape sheets. What kind of sheet are you using for your infinty game? Do you have a download link for that?

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No, I don’t have a link.

I used Power Point to create these cards in the size of business cards and store them in so called ‘business card pages’. This way I can see every special rule and equipment rule my character has.

I think @FrankF is referring to the character sheet at the top of the last photo (with the red bookmark lying across it) - that’s the one I’m also curious about.

(The business card approach is an excellent one for making all of the rules available when needed!)

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Yes, that one.

Ah, okay.

It’s on the modiphius page:

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Interesting. I wasn’t aware that there is an portrait format character sheet. I know only the landscape sheets from the rulesbook (and the online character generator).

For my online games I use a Google Doc sheet that gets a bit “lengthy”, but keeps all information necessary in an editable and rather easy to use (via PC, tablet etc.) format.