Infinity RPG and roll20

Have any of you used roll20 for Infinity before? Is it possible to use the site for the 2d20 system? Are there any decent sources online for images to be used for hexagonal “maps” and the like? I am about to move away from some friends and would like to keep the game going

I use Roll20 for both of my Infinity campaigns I run a the moment.

I don’t use the Roll20 automated character sheets at all, as they are awkward to use and don’t allow to keep track of all the necessary things an Infinity PC needs to keep track of (like hacking devices, programs, contacts, fake IDs, and lots and lots of talents and equipment).

So I use Google Doc character sheets in a shared Google Drive folder for all the PC sheets and their Geist sheets.
In Roll20 I have in one campaign two card decks with a single card, unlimited, both sides identical, for Heat and Infinity points. For Momentum I have an oversized Token where group momentum is kept using the colored dots all Tokens have available.
In the other campaign, where we use individual Momentum, I have a third deck for Momentum points, so that every player can keep track of their individual Momentum.

For dice rolling, I use a d20 pool macro, a hit location macro (linked to a rollable table) and a combat dice macro (linked to another rollable table). That is all the players and I as the GM need - no dice rolling automation in a Roll20 character sheet necessary.

I have added my own token symbols for Wounds, Metanoia, Breach effects and their treated states so that I can keep track of those directly on the respective tokens. Very comfortable, no fiddly bookkeeping necessary.

This set-up was and is in use for Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Achtung! Cthulhu as well. Only the official STA sheets are sufficiently implemented that we use those in our Roll20 games.

Infinity only uses zones of very different size, as determined by the GM’s intention regarding pacing and action economy. So no hex maps necessary - or even helpful - for Infinity 2d20.

I use Astral for Infinity… The even have one prepublished module on there: As of June 26, 2020 | Astral TableTop

Sadly, Astral is no longer supported, so it is only a question of time until it gets scrapped entirely.