There's a new 2d20 Conan sheet on roll20

I was poking around in roll20 and I noticed that someone has added a nice sheet for 2d20 Conan on roll20. I’m excited as it is a key unlock for me to get my friend to try out a system. I thought I would mention it in case it helps anyone else.

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That sheet looks nice and has lots of features, but some problems, too.
Dice rolls against an Attribute are not used in 2d20. You always roll a Skill test, even though the Expertise might be 0.
The dice roller does not calculate correctly the double successes on rolling equal or below Focus. They get optically marked, but are not added in the displayed number of successes.
The wound tracker only allows for adding and removing wounds, but not for marking wounds as treated. The latter is very important, as you get rid of wounds only during downtime, not during an adventure. So getting your wounds or trauma treated is important and should be marked differently from untreated wounds.
Some drop down menus - for armor etc. - are very hard to read, small font and hard to read font.

Just some feedback on a sheet, that most certainly had cost a lot of effort to get to this point. But there is still room for improvement.

I hadn’t dug that deeply into it yet only given it a gentle going over, but my 2d20 is rusty, so I suppose wouldn’t have noticed them even if I had.

Dropping some comments on the roll20 forums might let them know that people care and let you highlight things that need some tweaking.

Is there a thread on the Roll20 forums? Could you give a link? (As I find those forums quite awkward to navigate.)

I had a look and the only thread I can see is this one:

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I’m reluctant to post any kind of my feedback there, because they are so happy in congratulating the developers of the sheet, I don’t want to spoil the mood by bringing up errors and complaints.

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I’m happy to. I run all my games in there at the moment as it’s cheap/free and does the job. But I don’t mind pointing out some the annoying oversights. I’ll raise some of yours, too FrankF, all as my own of course.
It is VERY labour intensive getting a game running on these VTTs. FG doesn’t sound much better.

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After @JollyGM 's review of the FG adaptation it does sound a bit disappointing.
I’m not a Pathfinder or D&D player, but my friends who run both on FG are all praise for the FG adaptation of PF, PF2, SF and D&D 5E. The Conan adaptation is apparently less praiseworthy.

Character sheets are open source so if there are issues you can fork the repo and fix them and submit a PR. or open an Issue for it.

As a sheet creator (different game) I know many ppl dont know they can fix issues.

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You’re not wrong, and I’ve certainly been a vocal critic of the initial version of the product, but in all fairness: it has been improving steadily over the last few weeks or so. Furthermore, I’ve been speaking to one of the Nerd Eye Games guys (they did the FG Conan ruleset for Modiphius) about helping them with technical documentation so that users can modify the XML and LUA themselves (the .pak file for Conan 2d20 is encrypted, so the structure of their files isn’t discernible without documentation, ergo there’s currently no feasible way for end users to adjust anything themselves) and I’m pleased that they’ve been very receptive to the idea … it’s been a minute since I got an update on that, but once it happens I imagine the community will start coming up with fixes for a lot of what ails the current build.


This is great news. In my group, two GMs have gone “all in” with the rules set, and, though I’m highly critical of it as a “complete product,” its uses are impressive enough that I’m self-conscious about going back to something as sparse as Roll20, when it’s again my term to GM.

So I’ve been looking at Foundry. It appears that two separate Conan 2d20 rules sets currently are being written for that vtt, and one of the developers says that they’re in conversation with Modiphius: I’m not sure if this means that the developer is pursuing an “official” license.

Anyway, it’s great to hear about the progress happening at Fantasy Grounds, and I’m confident that many of our irritants will be eased if Nerd Eye indeed opens up the Conan works to the community. But, because of the price point, I’m also keeping my other eye on what’s happening with Foundry.

As far as I can tell, FGU is the only VTT environment with a 2D20 ruleset that does a perfect job of calculating and displaying the various potential outcomes of a given roll, and provides a reasonable way to track Momentum/Doom. Until someone else can claim that, I don’t see how the other platforms can seriously be contenders unless one puts a considerable emphasis on price (which is arguably the biggest factor in the negative reviews that the Nerd Eye version receives, imo).

I use tokens like these to track things like momentum and doom:

The red 12 sided tokens, in particular, are quite menacing, and as they tick up from black to red it makes the players really tense.

There’s a whole pile of different clock tokens that you can get to do the same thing with different aesthetics.

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If anyone is a Pro on Roll20, here is my Conan sheet code that i made. I’m not on roll20 anymore, buf feel free to use the code. I left roll20 b/c they wouldn’t allow multiple sheets for games, such as my conan sheet.
I’m not saying it’s great, but it has everything you need to run Conan, and is definitely better than the one roll20 offered. I used it with two groups for over a year and edited it little by little.

all the best,

You can also use Decks with just image backs and infinite decks for momentum/doom counters.


I’ve had nothing but bad experiences dealing with R20 concerning sheets.

That is, what I use for all my Roll20-based campaigns. An infinite deck for Fortune, Doom and Momentum.
We don’t use the Roll20 automated character sheets at all, but instead only use three dice rolling macros: 1-N d20, 1-M Combat Dice, Hit Location.
Character sheets are kept in Google Drive as Google Doc or Google Spreadsheet files.

This Roll20 setup is very simple and works reliably for years now.


For games that want multiple sheets - like the D&D 5E sheet with different PC/NPC sheets - people commonly put in a toggle that switches between different views. It works well enough from a user perspective.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean. Could you say more?