There's a new 2d20 Conan sheet on roll20

i didn’t understand what you said, tried to write only a ? but ten characters are required to create a post.

I’ve used Roll 20 for two years of conan with two groups and the old sheet is good except for the damage. So I just stole a damage dice macro that lets you roll as many D6s as you need and colored the dice with effects and damage are different from the neutral threes and fours.

I have a deck with Crom on the picture for Fortune.
I have a deck with the symbol of Set for Doom.
I have a deck with a picture of a sword for Momentum.
I have a deck for complications and bad complications that I borrowed from for when I can’t think of anything. Especially if complications keep getting rolled consecutively every turn.
Lastly i use a hit location table and macro.

With these easy things to set up I have been running on roll 20 for well over 500 hours. I don’t need macros that damage tokens automatically and not sure how easy it would work with the way Armor or Cover subtracts damage in this system. Don’t need pop up windows every time you roll.

I just wish I could do my in person sessions with one of my groups like I used to do.


Thanks for that - it looks useful!

That “New” sheet is a W.I.P. and some of the things it may lack are due to the Roll20 campaign that spawned it, where many things (such as a way to track momentum and doom, or tracking treated wounds) were taken care of through Tokens and other means because the campaign began before the sheet was made. So that GM (me) already had a means to handle some of these things and so were not (yet) incorporated into the Character Sheet.

It’s pretty hard to get feedback, so I’m glad I found this thread. I’ll PM all this to the sheet’s architect.

I have used this sheet also, compared to the original which was great being as it was the only sheet, this is at an entirely new level. Did you mention a problem with the sheet? That would have to be in comparison with the perfectly made sheet, or a set of requirements that have been identified, I would like to see your sheet maybe we can use that in our game if it has these features you mentioned. Or do you mean some function you would like to see? Something new that would perhaps enhance this? as far as i can tell at least on the shared sheets when creating a new Conan game there is only the original one. it does not have the features you mentioned. So I am confused as to you saying there are problem with this sheet. Each button i see does as it seems to be supposed to? You say you don’t wat to bring up error or complaints. About a free sheet that you had nothing to do with, that was created just for the love of playing. and then freely shared. Yes please keep your complaints to your self unless you specifically paid to have this sheet created for you. There is always someone who for some reason thinks complaining make them smart.

Please I apologize if you did pay for this sheet and I apologize if you have created an Official sheet with specifics that everyone should adhere to. if So please share your work.

Unless you just misspoke and you meant you have some ideas for functionality that would be nice to see, some areas that may improve or help depending on how a GM and his players like to play… If that is how you meant it then that is great and that helps build the game and improve the forum for everybody.