Assets for the RPG

I have made some stuff that I am using when I run my own game. I figured I would share them.

First one is a table topper. Its meant to be printed out as a 24x36 inch and then laminated. I do understand that not many people have access to a printer that large but you can downsize it to most sizes. Also maybe make it page size and then use it as a handout.

Next one is an NPC card that is made to fit on a 3x5 inch blank note card. Most home printers should be able to print this. That way you can have note cards for your adversary rosters.

If anyone has any other ideas for cool items let me know and Ill see what I can do.

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Love the NPC card!

I did spot a typo on the table topper: “FREEE ACTIONS” instead of “FREE ACTIONS”.