Collating materials for my campaign

Well my first campaign starts up on Friday evening with character creation and heading into Circular Files whilst on their way to Neoterra to start the Quantronic Heat adventure. As such, and as I plan this to be a longish running campaign I’ve started to collate various materials that will assist in running, will post them up when they’re in a better state!

Materials list so far:

Gantt chart for overall campaign and adventure timelines in 4 hourly slots - the aim is to help keep a track of when events are happening, progression of time in the campaign etc

Daily Schedule for more granular overview of events happening - easier to scribble notes on, and breaks it down by the hour

Circulars timetable - this is a longer term project, as the group use the circulars I aim to fill in time periods for the different journeys as they suit the game at that point, with the intention of sticking to those time periods to give the campaign a more realistic feel with journey’s taking set times

I’ve not really played with strict time in games that I’ve run before, but something about Infinity is telling me that it’s going to add something rather than make things annoying and frustrating!

So, on that note, does anyone have any suggestions on other materials that would be useful? (I know the usual stuff, NPC name lists, combat trackers etc, but thinking more Infinity specific or other time related materials.

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