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Infinity- A timeline!

Ok so, had this idea of making a timeline for infinity as a visual Aid for my players. So they can take a glance and remember things like the first Neocolonial wars started 25 years ago ect.

I’m looking around for some timeline builders but if any of you have suggestions or ideas, please share them as i’ll be sure to share my finished result here for everyone else.

Now the following is a rough collection of dates i have managed to Gleam from the Core book. I only noted the ones that had either a set time or a rough time eg. Two months later ect. Anything that went with “sometime in the” i’ve left out for now as i want to get the set points in first before taking guesses at when things happened in the time line.

So here is a super rough listing, it will be revised ect but if you feel i am missing or got the dates wrong let me know!.

  • One decade before- Ju-jing/Pan-o start to form
  • the early 21st century- he discovery of GA6037283, the first viable wormhole
  • Ten years later- Cécile and Émeline invent Sorel field manipulators
  • mid-21st century.- Teseum was first discovered as an impurity in the atmosphere of Jupiter
  • 50 years later- the first nano war breaks out
  • some time later- Project dawn begins and fails
  • the cusp of the 22nd century- PanOceania launched the Mandella
  • Six years later- Pan-o starts to settle neoterra, discovers and settles Acontecimento
  • Nine years later- Midgard a PanOceanian exploration vessel discovered the icy world of Svalarheima
  • two years later- after Svalarheima initial colonisation Yu Jing claimed the Niflheim region for itself.
  • 13 years later- O-12 finally moved its central bureaucracy to Concilium Prima.
  • 6-NC- nomads recognised as a nation.
  • 10-NC-VIolent Intermission, ALEPH infiltrated S.S.S. commandos onto the Bakunin with the goal of crippling the Nomad Nation
  • 10-NC- The human edge discovered by corporate probe
  • 14-NC- Phantom Conflict, Yu Jing and PanOceania launched a secret, undercover war
  • 21-NC- Crisis Decade, corporations almost break out into war.
  • 29-NC- Discovery of Paradiso
  • 30-NC- The silk revolts, dissident Silk Lords, seduced in their greed by the immense riches generated by the Silk trade, sought to overthrow the government of Hachib Mudassar.
  • 32-NC- Joan of Arc, the first Recreation, was delivered to PanOceania.
  • 35-NC- Blizzard Skirmishes on Svalarheima
  • 39-NC- Submarine wars on Svalarheima
  • 40-NC- Helot rebellion, a major uprising of the native Helot population on Varuna
  • 42-NC- NEOCOLONIAL WARS, On April 3rd, 42 NC, the PanOceanian cargoship Wink of the Rohini was destroyed above Svalarheima. Despite protestations of innocence, PanOceania blamed the StateEmpire Armada. It was an act of war and would be answered in kind.
  • 43-NC- Second Neocolonial war, after a cease fire of ten months, on the 3 February the second war breaks out
  • 51-NC- The NeoColonial Wars ended with the Peace of Concilium.
  • 52-NC- the PanOceanian scout ship POS Nirriti jumped through a previously unexplored wormhole and found itself in the long-lost Ariadna system
  • 53-NC- Two months after the rediscovery of Ariadna, the Yu Jing military ship Lei Feng arrived in the system to “secure the interests of the StateEmpire and to ensure PanOceanian compliance with interna-tional law”.
  • 53-NC- (seven months later) Ariadnans would be declared a major power, but they would only be able to claim ownership over the portion of the planet which they actually controlled.
  • 58-NC-Bureau Aegis dispatched troops to lock down the situation. O-12 took possession of the border areas originally covered by the Yu Jing Compromise, establishing an Exclusion Zone around the Ariadnan sovereignties.
  • 60-NC- The first Paradiso offensive, The Combined Army arrived in the Paradiso system through a previously unknown wormhole.
  • 64-NC- The Second Paradiso Offensive, Once the Blockades were raised, the Combined Army forces on Paradiso pulled back from their hyper-aggressive campaign and settled into a quiescent period during which they reinforced the gains they had made during the First Offensive.
  • 65-NC- Paradiso Affairs, O-12 came into possession of an alien device known as the “Black Box”
  • 66-NC- COMING OF THE TOHAA, On August 9th, a massive spaceship of clearly alien design docked with the EveningStar Orbital, the Paradiso headquarters of O-12.
  • 67-NC- You are here.

Maya i doing this to myself lol.


(minor event) 59-NC- is when alien drone sends info from Paradiso to Combined Army.

I did something similar a while ago, you had all events from my list except this one. :slight_smile:

Also about guessing part… my estimate is that year 0 of NC is somewhere around 2160 AD.

Was it 59-NC or just at the Height of the terminal stage of the Neo Colonial wars?. I mean it could well do, i was initial going after stuff that was fixed and then seeing where the rest could fit.

Also did you make yours from scratch or use a program?.

You are right with timing. 59 NC will be wrong date I most likely read wrong one sentence.

So I contributed nothing to your research. :wink:

No program, just calc sheet.

Well seeing how there isn’t a hard date listed, it leaves it up to rough guessing and interpretation. So feel free to revise but you may not be wrong~!.

And i feel discussion is a form of contribution!.

One detail PanO and Yujing form because Project Dawn failed. so they would be AFTER Project Dawn not before.

I started this because I think it will be easier to keep track of things if you allow for each faction to have a timeline of their own.


some rough estimations i have when other notable events happen:

64-65? NC - Death of Toni Macayana/events of TAGLINE
66? NC - Operation Flamestrike
67? NC - Strikezone: Wotan, also possibly the escape of Grandmaster Dordrek from Duzui-1 and the disgrace of General Aoi Tanemura
68 NC - Kurage Crisis, Japanese Uprising (Nov to Jan)
69 NC - Third Offensive on Paradiso
69/70 NC - Daedalus’ Fall (closure of the jump point between Tohaa and Human Space)
71/72? NC - N4 Timeline